Rose (로즈) is a data human and the village chief of the Wandering Minstrel Village in the Hidden Floor. Her job is to sing for the Warriors who have cleared the quest.[1]

Appearances and Personality

She has a fair skin, long pink hair, and tall. She wears a white dress, gold brown cloak with many rose flowers decoration on her neck. Not much known about her personalities.


She is Batis's wife back when Batis was still a minstrel who create songs for the Big Breeders. Her memories with Batis was erased after big breeder Chung decided to discipline Batis because he showed a sign of resistance against the rules. In the end, she was used by big breeder Chung as a living shield and made Batis killed her accidentally with rifle shot.[2]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hidden Floor


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  • {To Batis) "Who are you? W..Were you really.. My.. Husband? Sorry, but I don't know you."[2]


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