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Ron Mei is a Regular from FUG and was the appointed leader of Team Mad Dog at the 30F Workshop Battle event. Her position is Light Bearer. She is an "Angel" of Mad Dog Varagarv.

Appearance and Personality

Ron Mei is a fair-skinned girl who always seems to have a generally cheery expression. She has blonde hair and a small pair of wings on her back. Ron Mei also seems to keep her eyes constantly narrowed to slits, rarely ever opening her eyes enough to reveal their yellow colour. She tends to wear yellow-coloured clothing.

She has a very bright and cheerful personality, contrasting with the quiet and gloomy Varagarv. It is revealed that she was working with FUG, along with Varagarv and the rest of Team Mad Dog, showing a far more devious and a sinister side that is still hidden behind her smile. Although she also appears to be dimwitted at the same time.


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

The Workshop Battle: Battle x Gamble

Mei and Viviolga talking about the new Slayer Candidate

At the beginning of the Workshop Battle, she is seen next to Viviolga observing the entry of Jyu Viole Grace and his team as well as Dede's request. She mentions that if Varagarv were present, either he or Viole would be dead already.

Due to her team's performance in the One Shot, One Opportunity game, Ron Mei was made to be one of the ten gamblers of the Workshop Battle.

The Workshop Battle: The Truth

After the "Plug" game ends it is revealed that she, along with Reflejo, managed to qualify for the final round with a single point, despite losing most of them betting on random people.

The Workshop Battle: Tournament

In a flashback, Mei is seen conversing with Novick that the Mad Dog will lend them a hand, on behalf of Anak's request. This turns out to be a trap, as Team Mad Dog was always an affiliate of FUG.

The Workshop Battle: Thorn

She, along with Reflejo and other members of Team Mad Dog, is guarding the entrance to the Thorn. When Reflejo orders her to capture Hwa Ryun, Mei thinks that she committed suicide by jumping off a cliff.

The Workshop Battle: The Summoning

Ron Mei and the Mad Dog interfere with Viole's escape

Along with the Mad Dog, Mei attempts to prevent Viole's escape but he easily breaks through her shield. She again deduces that Hwa Ryun had suicided by leaping off another cliff with Horyang and Novick.

The Workshop Battle: Closure

During a clash with Androssi and Hatsu in the final match, she explains how Varagarv had gained temporary invincibility through some Blood Tamaras. She proceeds to seal Androssi with her lighthouses though Hatsu destroys them before she is able to. Hatsu takes Mei as a hostage against Varagarv and the fight ends in their defeat. After the events of their battle, she is seen carried by Varagarv, saying that they'll have to wait for another chance to steal the seat of Slayer candidate.

Tower of God: Part 3

Deng Deng (Arc)

When Jyu Viole Grace infiltrated the Regular Arena in order to search and rescue Deng Deng who was held captive, he encountered Varagarv along with Ron Mei. Varagarv directly charge at Viole to attack. Both of them then fought each other. Varagarv came out victorious and Ron Mei commented that Viole had become weak, but Varagarv quickly replied that Viole is not weak and he got injured after he punched Viole. Varagarv said Viole was was fooling around and intentionally surrendering himself. He then said that next time, he will make sure Viole wouldn't underestimate him again.

After Viole escape from prison, Varagarv and Viole have a re-match, Viole easily shoot him out of the base the with his new skill Streamflow, later claiming he has no time and wish to fight a opponent that weaker than him, which enrage Varagarv. Varagarv, with rage continue the fight, using the full power of Blood Tamara, which increase his fighting powers, but even then, The Mad Dogs can't even land a hit and was defeated after Viole use his new technique Zero.[3]

Stealing the Fang

When High Ranker Baylord Paul suddenly appeared from inside the mouth of a white weird shinheuh, his green Shinsu pierced through the stomach and chest of Rian and Luka. Paul then commented that he has forgotten the smell of The Cage. Canhong tried to attack him, but Paul shot his green shinsu again and it easily pierced Canhong's body. Paul's strength and presence instils fear upon Varagarv and Ron Mei causing them to freeze. Ron Mei insisted Varagarv to stay still and calm down.[4]

Powers and Abilities

Ron Mei seems to be a capable Light Bearer with enough skill to control four Lighthouses. She is seen wielding a yellow spear or staff while fending off Viole's escape team.[5]


  • (To Anak Zahard, then Ship Leesoo) "Look at that Anak! Leesoo-ahjussi is staring at girls with a perverted gaze! Mmm~ as expected, ahjussi, you like 'em big and busty, huh?"[6]
  • (To Reflejo after Hwa Ryun escapes) "It appears she killed herself...?"[7]
  • (Being sarcastic to Viole) "Aww you're already leaving? Don't you want to spend more time with FUG? I'll be sad if you leave us now. Mr. Reflejo wants you to stay here a bit longer."[5]
  • (To Reflejo after Hwa Ryun escapes again) "Ah... about that... suicide..."[8]
  • (Provoking Androssi Zahard) "Is that okay though? A Princess of Zahard getting a boyfriend. If you get caught, won't you get screwed over? Like Anak's mommy?"[9]

Notes & Trivia

  • She is referred to as "Mad Dog's Angel", pointing to a relationship between both of them.
  • SIU has drawn Ron Mei with a very yellow-themed motif.

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