Roen Yuia (로엔 유이아, Loen Yuia) was Aka, Boro, Sachi and Daniel's comrade during one of their trips on the Hell Express. Daniel is actively seeking a way to resurrect her by awakening Hoaqin.


During Roen's first attempt at taking on the Hell Express, Aka Williams,[2] Boro,[3] Sachi[2] and Daniel were her teammates.[2] During their time on the Train, an unknown Slayer candidate that called himself as Hoaqin gradually killed everyone on-board until, in the end, they were the only ones left.[4] Roen wished to stop Hoaqin's plans, but because of Roen's sacrifice 600 years ago, Hoaqin's plan ended in vain. The moment when Hoaquin's goal was almost achieved Roen successfully completed the "Spell" to sacrifice her own soul to stop Hoaqin.[5] In the end her soul became part of the billions of vengeful souls that forms Hoaqin's final clone after Hoaqin lost his power.[6]

Appearance and Personality

Roen was a fair-skinned young female with long ginger hair and equally orange-coloured eyes. She was seen wearing a pale grey waistcoat over a white shirt with a forest green tie and a similar coloured skirt.

Roen was a confident and kind person who believed that people had to be considerate towards the weak. She also had no time for arrogance and openly called out Hoaqin for asking them to be his underlings.

Powers and Abilities

As a D-rank Regular at the time of her death, as well as Boro saying she (and three others) were incredibly strong in comparison to himself,[4] one can assume that she was quite powerful at the time. She was a Light Bearer and could control at least two orange-yellow Lighthouses.[1]


  • (Talking about Poro Poe to Daniel) "Don't you think you are being too harsh to a beginner? Competing is good, but we always need to be considerate of the weak! I'm saying that you have got to take care of the people around us in order to win!"[7]
  • (To Hoaqin) "Hey, you! Don't you think you are being too rude?! How could you ask people who you just met to be your underlings?! Are you from the Ten Families or something? Is that why you are looking down on people? I'm sorry, but you will be killed soon if you act with such pride on the train. So, be humble or you will be sorry! I have seen many sons of the Ten Families die in vain on the train!"[8]


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