Robert Aisand (로버트 아이샌드, Lobeoteu Aisaendeu) is the deputy director of the Ranking Administration Office, which is one of the groups with the most influence in the Tower.


He is a man hidden behind veils - so unknown that even Zahard does not know any of the details of his birth.[1] Thanks to his outstanding and precise ability to handle matters and his silent personality, he is also known by the nickname "Robot Aisand" (at some time, there was a widespread rumour that he was an office-use cyborg created by the Workshop, but this was "officially" denied by the Workshop).[1] Tommy actually calls him by the nickname "Aisan".

As the very first person put into the position by Tommy after Zahard chose Tommy to set up the Ranker Administration Office, Aisand is a man with outstanding ability in handling matters, precise decision-making skills and charisma.[1] He is the opposite of Tommy, whose actions seem to say "Screw charisma, handling matters and decision-making". Aisand is always working silently in place of Tommy, who always goes around to play.[1]

Although strictly speaking Aisand is not a Ranker, yet he possesses an authority equal to that of a Ranker because he was recruited by the Administration Office.[1] Usually, the work carried out at the Administration Office is the administration and adjustment of High Rankers. You could say that, in a way, he is the person who has the most important authority in the Tower.[1]


At some point in the History of the Tower, there was a time when Urek Mazino, who had a complaint about his rank being lower than Phantaminum's, broke into the Ranker Administration Office, captured Aisand and threatened him to raise his rank. Urek asked "Have you ever seen me fight Phantaminum?" but Aisand answered briefly and without hesitation "You will be the loser". Urek Mazino was shocked and could do nothing but go home bitterly.[1]

After that incident, Urek Mazino was teased and called names such as Urek Loser-no, Loser-rek Mazino, U-Loser Mental Mazino-seon within the Wolhaiksong, and it is said that it was of such a scale that things such as comic books and humour books that retold this incident were published, sold, and became popular (Baek Ryun powerfully asserted that these comics would have a great effect in depression treatment).[1]

Appearance and Personality

Aisand's trademark is his long silver hair that reaches down to the ends of his feet; overall, this goes well with his masculine appearance that has a pronounced figure and gives off a peculiar feeling.[1]

He has a silent personality but does not have a small presence, so when together with the short Tommy, they could even appear to be father and son.[1]

Powers and Ability

Because he has never climbed the Tower it's impossible to know how much battle power he has; seeing how he himself said "I have never fought since the day I was born".[1] It seems that he only has the battle power of an average person. However, despite this, he never cowers, even before High Rankers. It is said that there are many cases in which he overwhelms them instead.[1]

In reality, opinions on Aisand's ranking are divided. However, the majority argues that, ignoring the battle ability and purely based on "influence", he can compete with FUG or the heads of the 10 Great Families.[1]

As stated earlier, Aisand is not a Ranker so he should normally not be included in the rankings, but due to Tommy's powerful mischievousness he came to be included in the rankings. One day, Tommy sent a message asking Aisand about what ranking Aisand would give to himself if he could score himself and Aisand replied to him with "?", which Tommy literally put in the rankings.[1]



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