After the Crown Game, Rachel’s team didn’t take the crown and Hwa Ryun was carried away. Lero-Ro confronts Yu Han Sung, saying that his test was a failure, since Rachel’s team didn’t ascend. Yu Han Sung responds by telling Lero-Ro the true purpose of this Floor, asking him who the most dangerous person was and if they weren’t stopped because of a certain person he sent. As Lero-Ro leaves, he asks Yu Han Sung if there was anyone he knew of that could manipulate shinsoo without a contract. Yu Han Sung says that he’s only heard of Urek Mazino performing such a feat. As Lero-Ro walks away, Yu Han Sung comments to himself that Lero-Ro was difficult to control.

Elsewhere, Anak walks into Leesoo's room and tells him to talk to Black March, since Black March wouldn’t talk to girls. Leesoo tries multiple times, only to get severely electrocuted. She leaves in disgust, walking into Androssi along
Anak punching androssi

Anak's punch being blocked

the way. Anak is called a fake by Androssi and tries to punch her but fails. She asks Androssi about Rachel, who responds that she got the impression that she shouldn’t fight her because she came from an unnatural place.

Meanwhile, Koon is sitting by Baam's bedside when Rachel comes in. They talk about Baam’s past with her, and the legend of the Tower and what’s outside. Rak is also worried about Baam, though he comically denies it.

Two days after the Position Test starts, Baam regains consciousness.


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