The Research Association (연구회, yeongoohweh) (also known as Gustang's Research Association) is a very powerful and exclusive group, whose members enjoy high reputation and fame, matched only by the "Chosen Children of Koon".[1]

The members of the Association are chosen from the males of the Po Bidau Family. Those who fail to become a "chosen member" of the Association are eventually kicked out from the Family.[1]

The requirements for becoming a member of the Association are unknown; it is unknown if the females of the Po Bidau Family are allowed to join, or if one must be a Ranker to be selected. It is also unknown if people who aren't from the Po Bidau Family are allowed to join.

Tests from the Research Association

Wonsul Test: In order to learn Wonsul, one must be chosen to take certain Tests from the Research Association. Those who have passed the Tests become certified and are chosen to learn Wonsul.

Requirements to be chosen to take the tests are currently unknown and it is also unknown if Regulars, are allowed to take this test.

Members of the Research Association

  • Po Bidau Gustang (포 비더 구스트앙, Po Bidder Gustang), Founder of the Association.
  • Lightpen (라이트펜, Raiteupen), Vice-President (부회장, boohwehjahng) of the Association.

Known Rankers that have passed a Test at the Association

Notes and Trivia

  • Lightpen, the Vice-President of the Association, is known for his wise words regarding reverse-flow Shinsoo control: "There is only one thing needed to defeat an enemy using reverse-flow control. You just have to be overwhelmingly more powerful than your opponent".


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