Triple Orb - First Thorn Fragment Transcendental Skill: Remnants of Stars - Stardust (트리플오브 첫번째가시조각 초월기 별의 잔해 스타더스트, Teulipeul-obeu Cheosbeonjjaegasijogag Chowolgi Byeol-ui Janhae Seutadeoseuteu) is the first technique used by Twenty-Fifth Baam after fully igniting the first Thorn fragment. After Baam created three orbs, they apparently were combined into a blinding light. It is a very powerful skill, which was able to nullify the attack of Lecalicus's third form, leaving both, Baam and Zahard, unconscious.[1] During the events of the last station, after Baam used it on Kallavan it managed to wound kallavan near to the exact wound made by Ha Jinsung's  transcendental skill  Dragon Tiger Gate


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