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Regular Arena (선별인원 투기장, Seonbyeol-in-won Tugijang) is a giant round ring structure with the shape like dog necklace which floats in mid air and is located above the "Left Wing" of The Cage.[1] This place has been destroyed by the blast attack of Wood Minotaur.[1]


Regular Arena is a place where "abducted" Stray Dogs or Homeless Dogs of the Canines species, will fight and kill each other to test their abilities and worth. Strong canines who survives will be transferred to The Cage to join and work for the Yama's Gang.[2] This building is owned by Baylord Yama.[3] Supervisor Level-3 Du Tong is the person in charge of this place.

Appearances and Design

The building is a massive structure consisted of massive, giant halo ring with the floating cube structure in the middle of the ring. There are several giant red spikes around the ring. From the looks and design of the building, it was clearly designed to resemble a dog necklace.

On the half side of the halo ring structure there is a curved glass structure which followed the shape of the ring. This glass structure looks like a curved skyscraper building. This part is apparently executives office.

There's a special device was installed on the halo ring to prevent Floating Ship pass or fly through inside the inner part of the ring. If the Floating Ship insist and force to pass, the special device will pull the ship towards the ring until it stick or glued to the ring.[2]


Fighting Ground (투견장)

Deng Deng was restrained in the fighting ground

Fighting Ground (투견장, Tugyeonjang, "The Pit" or "Dog Fighting Ring"),[3][2]: is a fighting arena somewhere within the cube structure in the middle of the ring. This is the place where the youth of the Canines were trapped and had to fought until death in 1-on-1 fight. The fight will not end until one of the fighter die.[2] Every Canine has to fight, regardless whether they are Canine People, Mutts, Canine Lords, or even Combat Dogs. One of the prime example is Varagarv. He is one of the Three Mad Dogs who was labeled as the strongest E-Rank Regular during The Workshop Battle (30F). Varagarv grew up in this place through harsh fighting, always kill and win until finally he become a perfect and strong warrior.[3]


  • Prison: When someone refuse to fight and training, they will be imprisoned within a containment room.
  • Bongso's Office: An office of C-Rank Regular Bongso.
  • Du Tong's office: An office of B-Rank Regular Du Tong, one of the Mutts in charge of the regular arena. He is a level 3 supervisor of the Yama's Gang.

423 varagav ron mei3.png

  • Varagarv's Restroom: A room which is specially prepared for Varagarv by supervisor Du Tong. After Varagarv beat and captured Jyu Viole Grace who intentionally turned himself in, he was seen to take a rest and discussing with Ron Mei in this room about why Viole infiltrated the Regular Arena.[4] Varagarv was actually on a mission and was sent by Lord Canzon, the 3rd person in command in Yama's Gang to stand on guard in the Regular Arena and look over Deng Deng[2] for awhile because Canzon apparently kidnapped him. Canzon is loyal to Baylord Yama and knew exactly how precious Deng Deng is for Yama, he has no bad intention and only want to locked the kid away temporarily because he simply wants his daughter Canhong to shine as best fighter and become a superstar in the Canine Tooth Festival. Canzon was afraid that Deng Deng's popularity and influence of being the son of 2nd in command, Gado, will outshine his daughter's.




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