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A Chosen Regular (선별인원, 選別人員, seonbyeolinwon; "selected member"), more commonly known as simply a Regular, is an individual chosen by Headon and permitted by the Zahard Empire to climb the Tower.


A large group of Regulars taking a test

In the current political system, Headon, Guardian of the 1st Floor, visits several parts of the Tower to select those who have potential to climb the Tower [1].

Headon travels throughout the Floors of the Tower and selects people that catch his eye; these selected people are then classed as Regulars. Regulars begin at Evankhell's Floor and climb the Tower from there. Once they have passed the 20th Floor, they receive benefits and may live in the Middle Area, between the Inner and Outer Tower areas. Since regulars climb the tower without their family they never get to see their family again, unless they are a member of the Ten Families.[2]

Regulars begin their climb of the Tower at the Second Floor where the test is a setup to keep dangerous individuals from continuing their climb.[3]

Climbing the Tower

Note: Most of the information in this section was sourced from Chapter 79 (Postlogue), which is not listed at Line Webtoons

A Regulars must take a series of Tests every time they climb a Floor. And due to the difficulty and nature of the complex testing system on the 2nd Floor, many potential candidates fail on this floor, and thus stripped of their rights. And the failed Regulars are likely teleported to a Floor or their Floor of origin in the Outer Tower

When one becomes a chosen Regular and enters the Inner Tower, there is no rule that one must keep their outside name. In fact, most Regulars use aliases when registering on either the 2nd Floor or on each Floor[4].

They are also protected under the Tower's Rules upon entering the Inner Tower and in turn, are expected to abide by a set of the Tower's Rules in exchange for this set of rights.

From the 2nd Floor to the 19th Floor, they get to sleep in dormitories as they aren't allowed to reside in the Middle Area. From the 20th Floor and on, it's a bit different. Even if they fail, they have the right to retake the tests.

On the 20th Floor, regulars are also sorted out. Since taking a test requires a lot of points (money) and due to the increase in difficulty, they say there are a lot of Regulars who give up on the 20th Floor. Due to the high difficulty in the tests if this Floor and small number of Regulars who pass, the 20th Floor is also known as "The needle hole to heaven" and Regulars who pass get recognition and obtain E-rank Regular status. From the 20th Floor onwards, the right to reside in the Middle Area is granted, so while they dwell in the Middle Area by themselves many also take the test after entering the Inner Tower.

If a Regular reaches the 134th Floor of the Inner Tower, they become a Ranker.

Giving up their Regular status

Regulars who give up in the middle of climbing the Inner Tower, after they've reached the 3rd Floor, are stripped of their rights and are sent to the Middle Area. They can choose to live there, or move to a lower Floor and live on with a new job [5]. Of course, depending on how far you've climbed, the way you're treated differs greatly. According to SIU, it's just like "climbing the corporate ladder".[6]


Main article: Ranked Regulars

Once they've passed the 20th Floor, Regulars become E-ranked. Also, once they've passed the 30th Floor, Regulars become D-ranked. After that, one they've passed the 50th Floor, Regulars become C-ranked. However, it is unknown which Floors determine what rank a Regular possesses after this. A Regular's rank is decided by the height of their climb and is not to be confused with skill-based rankings (such as those given in stat cards) e.g. a B-rank Regular does not mean that the person has the power of B-rank, only that they have climbed so far.

All Regulars have issued a rank. Note: It is currently unknown how this system works.

Main article: Sponsored Regular

In order to create fairness among the 10 Great Families, regulars were allowed to form teams and be sponsored and supported by a family. However, as a side effect, this allowed the families to take advantage of regulars to meddle in their business. How loyal or dedicated the sponsored regular is to their sponsor may vary, with for example Red Beard being noted to be a bit of a bootlicker to his sponsor.[7]

It also seems the sponsored regulars are divided into many, individual teams. They have their own team uniforms and team logo or insigna. Like Red Beard teams.

Notes and Trivia

  • It's a general misconception that Headon teleports outside the Tower to select Regulars. Lero-Ro said that most Regulars come from the Residential Tower.[1]
  • Based on their performance and score during a test, Regulars earn a certain number of test points which are then used as currency. These points can be used to purchase meals, drinks and so on.[8][9]
  • It is unknown if Regulars from the 3rd to 19th Floors are permitted to reside in the Middle Area once they've given up, as they previously didn't have the right to do so. If such former Regulars aren't allowed to live there, then they're likely sent to the Middle Area so they can return home as it can be used to travel between the Inner and Outer Tower.
  • Actually, the chances of a Regular becoming a Ranker are smaller than the chances of winning a lottery. Many Regulars fall, but someone always goes up.[10]
  • Rankers and High Rankers are actually forbidden from associating with Regulars. Of course, FUG is a random bunch so they don't care about the rules.[11]
  • The stronger the Regular, the more likely that they'd be from one of the 10 Great Families, the same with being able to team up with them. So it is a rare case for a Regular to receive aid from other families. But in some special cases, Regulars may receive personal aids to climb the Tower.[12]
  • It is very rare for Zahard to personally sponsor a regular.[7]
  • Once someone is selected as a Regular, the family can live well for generations.[13]
  • Basically Regulars carry foods, clothes, and other items in their inventories (such as Pocket or Lighthouse).[14]



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