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Viole surrounded by weapons connected to Kaiser's Reel

A Reel (릴, ril) is a spool (a cylinder) used for winding a long and flexible line which has been fed through the Reel and it can, in turn, allow the Fisherman to adjust the "reach" of the line. The Reel Inventory is used for storing it.


A Reel can be manipulated with shinsu,[1][2] to rewind or unwind the Reel and to control the length and direction of the line. The line of a Reel is used to tie and throw weapons such as a Needles and Hooks. The line is probably considered as part of the Reel, so a Reel is one the main weapon used by Fishermen.

When attached to a Reel Inventory, alongside an Arms Inventory, resembles a fishing rod able to be deployed in battle.


Anak's Reel Inventory winding

Anak uses a Hook, tied to a line wound around her Reel, in an ambush to try and touch Quant's badge.[3]

Androssi Zahard uses several needles line attached to her Reel when she fights with both Quant. During the fight, the line is within her range of shinsu control and the Reel turns, as the line is thrown towards Quant. After fooling Quant with a fake badge (which was actually a pair of red panties), she wins the game by stealing his badge with a Hook tied to the Reel.[4]

A reel can also be deployed to reach near objects. During a test on the 28th Floor Chang Blarode was able to steal a key from Ja Wangnan using a reel.[5] Furthermore one of Kaiser's signature moves, Tying Twenty Threads, uses several reels from her Arms Inventory in order to ensnare a target and bring all attached weapons to strike in one fell swoop.



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