Redan[2], also known as the Lightning Pill, is a compressed baang of Shinsoo, the current of which, after swallowing it, reacts with the current in the user's own body, generating explosive power.[2] The technique can only be used by a few selected members of the Khun Family.


This is a technique that increases the power of its users; in Ran's case it's a baang with electrical properties that makes electric currents flow through his body, thus increasing his strength and speed.

This technique is extremely hard to control; even Ran can only control it for 5 minutes.[2] Additionally, the data of young Khun Eduan himself described the technique as simple and effective but dangerous at the same time which does not make it a good skill to use.[3]

The Redan causes marks called "Soo Heun"[2] (수흔, Soo'heun or Trace[1]) to appear on the user's body (in Ran's case, on his cheek), which differ depending on the amount and type of Shinsoo.[2]


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