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Red Thryssa Stage 1 Transformation - Tail (붉은 바리 1단계 변형 의태 꼬리, Bulg-eun Bali 1dangye Byeonhyeong Uitae Kkoli) is the first-form of Twenty-Fifth Baam's stage one Red Thryssa Transformation - Tail. This transformation form will add a long metallic tail that attached into the back end of Baam's Red Thryssa Sword (Stage 1).[1] When Baam swing the Sword, this metallic tail will cover the Sword by swirling around it.

Baam managed to obtain Tail transformation shape after Khun Aguero Agnis enhanced it with the power of Yeon Family Flames from the Fire Fish.

Powers and Abilities

The power of the tail transformation is capable to destroy a weapon of Ranker Daleet.

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Notes and Trivia

  • Unlike most of Canine Transformations that had names, Baam's Red Thryssa Level One Transformation didn't have any name yet.


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