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Red Thryssa Transformation "Sword" (Stage 2) is the first-form of Twenty-Fifth Baam's stage two Red Thryssa Transformation "Sword". This transformation is an evolution of Red Thryssa Sword (Stage 1). On this stage two, the sword or blade on Baam's right arm will become more bigger.

Baam managed to advance into this stage two transformation only after he activated the first Thorn fragment. It means, the power of the Thorn also has increased the power of the transformation. This sword is capable to scratch Gado's left thigh.[1] And after Baam fused his Shinwonryu into this Sword Stage 2, he is able to cut Gado's transformed leg.

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Notes and Trivia

  • Unlike most of Canine Transformations that had names, Baam's Red Thryssa Level Two Transformation didn't have any name yet.
  • There is a differentiation in attack color design between Sword Stage 1 and Sword Stage 2. While the Stage 1 has attack with bold red color, the Stage 2) is more purple pinkish.


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