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This article contain profile of Red Thryssa, the remains of 43rd Floor Administrator which is currently trying to rebirth in order to take revenge against Irregular Enryu. See also Blue Thryssa.

I may only be an extremely small fragment, but I still remember the day I lost to Enryu. With this power, we will leave the Floor of Death in search of Enryu, in order to repay him for the humiliation of that day.

Red Thryssa to Urek Mazino[1]

The Red Thryssa (붉은 바리, Bulg-eun Bari) is an extremely small fragment, a remnant of the corpse of the 43rd Floor Administrator that survived after Irregular Enryu killed the Administrator.[2] It has intelligence and consciousness. After Urek Mazino defeated Hell Joe, the soul core of Red Thryssa chose Twenty-Fifth Baam as its new host.[3]


Red Thryssa initial form

Urek Mazino once discovered the Red Thryssa during his last visit to the Floor of Death. At that time it was still weak, however, Urek realised its power had properties similar to that of a Administrator. At first, Mazino wondered what to do with it. Ultimately he decided to hand over that power to a person who would use it properly. Having encountered Hell Joe at one of the holes on his previous trip to the 43rd Floor, Urek deemed Joe to be suitable to use its power, entrusting it to him, thus Hell Joe acquired personal usage of the Red Thryssa's powers.[4][5] After its defeat at the hands of Urek Mazino and Baam, it appeared as a red orb that went inside Baam. Urek Mazino was surprised that he felt the Red Thryssa inside of Baam.

Appearance and Personality

The Red Thryssa is a lizard-like entity with a primarily light grey body and blood red claws, spines and fangs. While still a juvenile creature it had a small body with a pair of arm-like extensions tipped with a long claw each and a spiny tail. When it was merged with Hell Joe and took control of his body, the Red Thryssa took on the form of a completely blood red version of Joe with all his devilish features more pronounced and the addition of a long spiked tail. After being separated from Hell Joe, the Red Thryssa was larger with a large goat-like head with blood red eyes, a mouth filled with sharp fangs and a pair of long spine-like horns protruding from the sides of its head. It also had four pairs of blood red rib-like spines protruding from either side of its body and a pair of incredibly large wings sprouting from its back.

It came into being from a small part that had been severed from the corpse remain of the 43rd Floor Administrator. Because it retains all its memories prior to its death at the hands of Enryu[1] the Red Thryssa is extremely arrogant of its apparent god-like power and former status as a Administrator.

Powers and Abilities

The Red Thryssa's predatory abilities are so powerful that it can bypass the immortality spell cast on the 43rd Floor, enabling it to paralyze and then absorb the powers of Floor of Death inhabitants once it bites them.[4] It has been likened as the natural enemy of Floor of Death inhabitants.

Red Thryssa Transformation

People who become a host of the Red Thryssa can transform their physical form and body part. The user's body part will turn into claws, horns and jaw.

Host Transformation

Red Thryssa will try to persuade its host in order to gain control and possess the user's body. Red Thryssa managed to persuade Hell Joe and grow up within his body and slowly overtake control.

  • Claws of the Red Thryssa (붉은 바리의 손톱, Bulg-eun Bali-ui Sontob)
  • Hell Joe: Blood Flood (헬 조 블러드 플러즈, Hel Jo Beulleodeu Peulleoseu)
  • Hell Joe: Weak Beam (헬 조 약한 빔, Hel Jo Yaghan Bim)[5]
  • The Zero Area (제로의 영역, Jelo-ui Yeong-yeog)[6]
  • Blood Messiah (붉은바리 블러드 메시아, Bulg-eun Bari Beulleodeu Mesia): It allows the user to absorb all the shinsu in the vicinity so that any other people suffocate to death.[1]

Baam's Transformation

Notes and Trivia

  • Author SIU had stated that Red Thryssa is closer to be a part of the dead Administrator, rather than its "cub" or "baby". Despite being a small fragment, Red Thryssa still remains incredibly powerful.[7]
  • The Red Thryssa could not speak without a host.[1]
  • It bleeds a green-coloured blood.[1]
  • The Red Thryssa may have been named after the Hong Kong grouper.[8][9]

Alternative Translations

  • Red Bari (zumisumi)[10]




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