This red-skinned Regular participated in the Workshop Battle as part of Team Snake. During the Development Tournament he was killed in an encounter with Quaetro Blitz.

Appearance & Personality

He had red skin, black hair and wore a dark sleeveless vest, dark shorts and a long dark scarf-like garment around his neck.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle


He was seen walking with the other members of Team Snake before the semi-finals of the Development Tournament, although he didn't say anything.

Later on, in the semi-finals, he attempted to attack Wangnan but was intercepted by Quaetro Blitz. He then engaged the Flame user but was defeated.

Powers and Abilities

He was seen wielding a red-coloured sword[1] and was strong enough to reach the Development Tournament of the Workshop Battle, however he was no match for someone of Quaetro Blitz's level.


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