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The Rashangs (라샹족) is one of the Races that exist in the Tower.


Due to the mark on their face, most people viewed them with fear and suspicion. Conversely, some collectors also hunted them because they liked the mark. The Rashangs had to get stronger to defend themselves and hid somewhere more isolated, until one day the Felines invaded their remote village. The Rashangs were either killed or taken prisoner. Lo Po Bia Haratcha, the leader of the Rashangs and one of their few rankers, tried his best to fight off the Felines but wasn't strong enough to fight them on his own. But Lo Po Bia Yasratcha had been keeping an eye on Haratcha, and at a critical moment he stopped the battle, approached him and made an offer to stop killing the Rashangs and let them run away if Haratcha became a Feline. At first Haratcha refused, but when he looked behind him and saw how scared the remaining Rashangs were, he decided he couldn't forsake them and accepted the Felines' power. He joined Yasratcha's army and vowed to fight for the Rashangs.

In the army, Haratcha used his talent and newgained feline power to great effect. He won every battle, and with each fight his status increased, and he amassed wealth and honor most people couldn't even dream of. He didn't keep it for himself however, he used all that wealth to rebuild the village of the Rashangs who ran away from Yasratcha. As a result, whenever the Rashangs needed something, they started asking Haratcha for it. At first, these requests didn't happen often, but as Haratcha granted their requests, everyone began asking him for more and more. The Rashang village became filled with pleasure-seeking, lazy people, whenever they needed something, they made no effort to get it themselves and always asked Haratcha for it instead.

As time went on, Haratcha began to feel burdened by the Rashangs. He had to fight more battles in order to satisfy their many wishes. When Haratcha began reducing contact with them, some Rashangs felt that he had betrayed them and worried that he had sided with the Felines. Ultimately, the corrupt Rashang leaders gathered and had a meeting. One of them suggested they tell Yasratcha that Haratcha betrayed the Felines and had been helping the Rashangs, and ask him to get rid of Haratcha in exchange for accepting the Rashang leaders as Felines. When they ended up sending a representative, Yasratcha didn't believe them and cut the tongue of the representative out in response. When Haratcha showed up to the scene, Yasratcha told him he knew all along what was going on but turned a blind eye to it, and said that if Haratcha didn't completely sever his ties with the Rashangs, Haratcha himself may be in danger. Haratcha vowed to kill all of the Rashangs himself to prove that he was a loyal Feline, but he was lying.

That night, Haratcha and a few trustworthy subordinates took some of the hostages from previous battles, dressed them in Rashang clothes and drew marks on their faces, and slaughtered them all. Haratcha send Yasratcha a picture of the bloody scene to buy himself some time. At the same time he evacuated all of the Rashangs in his hometown to a floating carrier and quickly left the area.

Haratcha hoped to make a fresh start in here, but over time, the relationship between the Rashangs and Haratcha's loyal Feline subordinates who were also on board began to deteriorate. The Rashangs didn't want to be led by the, since they were Felines and demanded that they give up all their special privileges. Haratcha ended up telling his subordinates to give up some of their wealth and power. Even after that, the Rashangs continued to take away the Felines' status and wealth bit by bit. The Felines became more and more unhappy and the whole system began to shake at its foundation. The Felines finally couldn't take it anymore and rebelled, and some of the Rashangs were killed. They used this as an excuse to demand that the Felines be completely kicked off the ship. The Felines apologized, but the Rashangs refused to forgive them. Haratcha knew that the real reason the Rashangs were so angry was because the Felines had more than them, and they couldn't stand it.

The Felines eventually became tired of this and left the carrier. The Rashangs celebrated because they thought they could have status and wealth now, but not one of them knew how to operate the gigantic floating carrier or how to fight their enemies. At that moment, Haratcha made up his mind and turned his back on them, murdering every last one. He then returned back to Yasratcha's army.

In the cat-and-mouse game, when Haratcha is on the verge of being defeated, he sees his people and they want him to give everything to them. He says they can have it all, and that the reason he helped such unambitious people was because he loved them.

Appearance and Personality

The Rashangs have a particular mark on their face. The colour and shape of this mark changes from person to person. They are very lazy, unambitious people who let Haratcha do all their work for them. They don't know how to fight and they never train. They're obsessed with status and wealth, and have a habit of demanding equality but making no effort to make things truly equal.


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