Baam Style - Shinsoo Control Skill: Rapid-Fire Shinsoo Cannon (밤류 신수제어술 다연발신수포, Bam-lyu Sinsujeeosul Dayeonbalsinsupo) is a technique used by Twenty-Fifth Baam when facing Data of young Zahard. Baam shoots one powerful baang that release waves of Shinsoo that was able to destroy Second Cosmos of Zahard in one hit.[1] It is presumed that Baam learned this technique first from Yu Han Sung, and then used it with his Orb and later with his own shinsoo.[2]

Yu Han Sung Style - Shinsoo Control Skill, Lethal move: Rapid-Fire Shinsoo Cannon (유한성류 신수제어술 살인기 다연발신수포, Yoo Hahnseong-lyu Sinsujeeosul Sal-ingi Dayeonbalsinsupo) is Yu Han Sung's own shinsoo technique. The user concentrates shinsoo between his hands, which later is growing like a tornado from rising from his hands. When ready, it's released towards target, which is slammed by it.[3]



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