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Hey, friend... Have you ever seen The Devil? I will show you.

—Rapdevil to Horyang[1]

Rapdevil is a Regular falsely nicknamed "Devil of the Right Arm" because of his ability to transform his right arm into a black and blue striped 'Power mode'. He had been hired to travel with a rich company owner's son. He claimed to have defeated Hatsu, who apparently is a well-known swordsman and Regular in the Tower. However, it is later revealed that he is in fact only a fake, using the reputation of Beniamino Cassano, the real Devil of the Right Arm.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

The Strongest Regular

The 'Devil of the Right Arm'

Rapdevil was recruited by Prince to help him pass tests. He mostly sat around doing nothing while the other Regulars attempted to pass. When he actually went up, he achieved the 4th place in the World's Strongest Regular Test with 11,988 points.


When he went to the baths with Prince and Lurker, Viole asked him if he had really defeated Hatsu which he confirmed before Viole asked if he could see 'the devil' sometime.

The Untrustworthy Room

During the Trustworthy Room Test, he was left by Prince in his room to guard it, but was seemingly killed. However, it was revealed afterwards that he had merely been playing dead and had been on Kim Lurker's team all along. When Prince discovered this he tried to attack Rapdevil, who disabled him easily, saying that real fights were more than just punching a machine.

The Preys

Rapdevil told Prince to give him the remote and threatened to kill him. However, before he could, Viole began causing a commotion outside, allowing Prince to blind him with a Light. When he recovered, Kang Horyang entered and challenged him to find out who the real devil was. Horyang subsequently defeated Rapdevil by showing his [Ignition Weapon|full power]], later threatening him not to reveal what happened. Rapdevil failed the exam in the end after being defeated by Horyang.

Powers and Abilities

Rapdevil can turn his right arm into a monstrous blue limb with black patterns covering it.[1] Viole asked him if he could "show him the Devil" after seeing his arm,[2] so the transformation may be able to go further than just one limb. Apparently, he is far stronger than the strength he displayed in the Shinsu Strengthening Test when he beat down Prince, and stated; "this is real, not some punching game".[3]


  • (To Prince) "This is not just some mere punching game. This is 'real', brat. Give me the remote. Before you die."[3]



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