In the Tower, Weapons, Inventory Items, Wands, Pockets, Lighthouses and even the different skills mastered by Rankers and Regulars (e.g. Intelligence, Weapon Mastery) are all given ranks according to their level.

Both Rank and Grade are used in this relation and bear the same meaning.

We do not yet know by who or how these ranks are decided. But it is safe to assume that a Ranker's or a Regular's ranking will change as they gain strength and obtain more skills.

This Rank and Grade is not to be confused with the (overall) rank that only Rankers have and which is given by the Ranking Administration Office or ranks of Regulars given by their rate of climb. Those are separate grades given without direct connection to each other.

The Levels of Ranks

The ranking system goes from SS+ as the highest and down to 10F as the lowest. The scaling also applies for classification of items, weapons, etc.

Known Examples of Ranked Weapons and Items

It is unknown how weapons and other items are ranked, but it's likely linked, in part, to the quality of raw materials that were used in their creation. For example, the Lighthouses used by the Regular-class Light Bearers in Part I consisted of low purity Suspendium that required shinsoo manipulation to float and move. This is in contrast to one of Hatsu's swords, which was capable of floating without any use of shinsoo to power it. In the case of wands, it is known that the contract of a wand is one of the main factors in determining its rank.

A-ranked weapons and items are extremely rare, to the extent that even Rankers seldom own them.[1] So rare are the A-ranked and above weapons and items that only High Rankers could be expected to own more than one. To illustrate just how rare and precious A-rank weapons and items are, one may notice that none of the following Rankers - Lero-Ro, Lo Po Bia Ren or Quant Blitz - have been seen using one.

Notes and Trivia

  • Notice that it seems as if the normal numeric system is not used for S+ or higher rank items. Maybe because there are so few S+ or higher rank items.
  • Since all Regulars receive an E-rank Pocket when entering the Tower, it seems safe to assume that E-rank is the lowest grade of Pockets.


  1. Ch.41: 2F - Hide and Seek (7)#Blog Post


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