The Ranker Administration Office (랭커 관리국, Raengkeo Gwahnligook; or "Ranker Affairs Bureau") is one of the most influential groups in the Tower. It is from here that Regulars receive a rank when they have reached the top of the Zahard Empire (currently the 134th Floor) and become a Ranker.

The Ranker Administration Office was created by Tommy, after orders from Zahard, and today he is the director of the office. The deputy director of the Ranker Administration Office is Robert Aisand. He was the very first person put into the position by Tommy and, with his "screw charisma" method of handling matters and decision-making, he is the true power in the everyday work of the office.


The ranking system goes from 1 to 100,000 (since there are currently about 100,000 Rankers). The higher the rank, the stronger/more influential the Ranker is.

Usually, the work carried out at the Administration Office is the administration and adjustment of High Rankers. Precisely how a Ranker's rank is given is still unknown, but more broadly it is known to be calculated after investigating and combining statistics such as a person's power, recognition and influence.

Top High Rankers

1. Phantaminum
2. Enryu
3. Zahard
4. Urek Mazino
5. Arie Hon
6. Koon Eduan
7. Eurasia Enne Zahard and Adori Zahard
9. Baek Ryun
10. Ha Yurin
11. Tu Perie Tperie
12. Molic One P. GR
13. Eurasia Blossom
14. Po Bidau Gustang
15. Grace Mirchea Luslec
16. Hendo Lok Bloodmadder
17. Yeon Hana

Notes and Trivia

  • There is a fun story from the rank giving process: there was a time when Urek Mazino, who had a complaint about his rank being lower than Phantaminum's, broke into the Ranker Administration Office, captured Aisand and threatened him to raise his rank. To Urek, who asked "Have you ever seen me fight Phantaminum?" Aisand answered briefly and without hesitation "You would be the loser". Urek Mazino, shocked, could do nothing but go home bitterly.