Though born of a human body, he was not one who grew within human constraint. This is an existence above any human, a distinctly separate entity from man. A "Ranker".

Hatsu referring to Quant, Vol.1 Chapter 44

A Ranker (랭커, raengkeo) is a being who has reached the top of the Zahard Empire (currently 134th Floor) and has been given a Rank. This Rank should not be confused with the Ranking and Grading that both Rankers and Regulars continuously receive.



Artwork of a High Ranker[1]

Ranker are those individuals who reached the 134 Floor and have been given a rank. This Rank is issued by the Ranking Administration Office and it is calculated after investigating and combining statistics such as a person's power, recognition and influence. There are some who hold high rankings due to the influence and attributes they hold (e.g. Baek Ryun) and there are others who have weak combat strength but hold high Rankings due to some other reasons (e.g. Evan Edrok)".

According to SIU, the Ranker position in the Tower is a very lavish status (one can assume they have no problem with living expenses). However, just because they became a Ranker doesn't mean their rivalries have ended. Rather, they enter into more fearsome rivalries, so they seek better positions and better jobs. [2]

Because of this, Rankers are sometimes Test Directors or Test Administrators of Floors. They are viewed as gods and have a much higher status than Regulars and normal residents of the Tower. They may also use the Middle Area's staircases to either skip certain Floors or to travel between the Inner and Outer Towers. Though they are permitted many benefits, they are usually restricted from entering the Regulars' Districts or from associating with them.[3]

Rankers of Karaka's level have eyes rivaling Observers; this results from training for a very long time, both physically and mentally.[4]

Advance Ranker

If a Ranker's ranking is in the top 10% of total Rankers, he/she is considered a Advance Ranker (상위 랭커, sang-wi laengkeo). There are about 10.000 Advance Rankers in total.[5]

High Ranker

If a Ranker's ranking is in the top 1% of total Rankers, he/she is considered a High Ranker (하이 랭커, hai raengkeo). There are about 1000 High Rankers in total. High Rankers are often described as gods among gods. Only those of a level equal to a High Ranker can become a Ruler.[6]

High Rankers earn the right to go up to the 135th Floor but the Guardian of this Floor is very hostile.[7] Therefore not a single High Ranker has been known to have ascended to the 135th Floor.[7]

They seldom fight for their lives: a fight like the one between Yuri and Karaka at the end of the 'Name Hunt' Station arc is a rare event.[4]

There is a term called Blue Hole (블루홀, beulluhol) and it is used for High Rankers who have been inactive for so long since ancient times that no one knows if they are dead or alive, or Rankers whose true influence or power are difficult to measure.[8]


Sobriquet (이명, 異名, I-myeong; "nickname" or "pseudonym") is a type of nickname issued by the Ranking Administration Office, usually in reference to the High Ranker's battle Position or other aspects. Only High Rankers are able to receive a sobriquet.

A sobriquet can also be turned down, as Baek Ryun and Koon Eduan refused their sobriquets. Also, a person might be presented with more than one sobriquet as with Koon Eduan.

Fishermen are usually given the names of Shinheuh.[6] Guides are usually given the names of Boats. Wave Controllers are usually given the names of winds and waves.

A few examples of Sobriquets being named after something, other than a battle Position:
Enryu's sobriquet is called "Red Tower" because whenever he passes by, the Shinsoo around him turns red for some unknown reason. Zahard is the first King in the Tower's history and, as such, his sobriquet is "King of the Tower".

Known Rankers

Rankers In Order of Rank
Rank Name Sobriquet Position Info
2Enryu(Inactive)Red TowerSpear BearerIrregular
3Zahard(Active)King of the TowerFishermanKing of the Tower
4Urek Mazino(Active)Ray BarracudaFishermanIrregular and co-founder of Wolhaiksong
5Arie Hon(Active)White Sword; White OarFishermanHead of the Arie Family and 100th Floor Ruler
6Koon Eduan(Active)Marlin; Blue ThunderclapSpear Bearer, Fisherman, JeonsulsaHead of the Koon Family
7Adori Zahard(Active)Killer WhaleFishermanZahard Princess, Head of the Royal Guard and owner of the Golden November
7Eurasia Enne Zahard(Sealed)Great White SharkFishermanZahard Princess and owner of the Colourless December
9Baek Ryun(Active)NoneWave ControllerCo-founder of Wolhaiksong and 77th Floor Ruler.
10Ha Yurin(Inactive)SnakeheadScout, FishermanHead of the Ha Family
11Tu Perie Tperie(Active)God's EyeLight BearerHead of the Tu Perie Family
12Molic One P. GR(Active)Molic OneUnclassifiedEldest of the Three Lords
13Eurasia Blossom(Active)Flower ShrimpWave ControllerHead of the Eurasia Family
14Po Bidau Gustang(Active)Aloof WaveWave ControllerHead of the Po Bidau Family
15Grace Mirchea Luslec(Active)Heretic; Tiger FishFishermanLeader of FUG
16Hendo Lok Bloodmadder(Active)Long-Life TurtleDefenderHead of the Hendo Family
17Yeon Hana(Active)CichlidFisherman, Wave ControllerHead of the Yeon Family
36Arie Hagipherione Zahard(Active)UnknownUnknownZahard's Princess and owner of the Red October
60Evankhell(Active)UnknownHwayeomsaFormer 2nd Floor Ruler
Top 100Ha Jinsung(Active)UnknownFishermanFUG member
Top 100Koon Maschenny Zahard(Active)UnknownFisherman, JeonsulsaZahard's Princess and owner of the Yellow May
Top 100Evan Edrok(Active)Fast ShipGuideChief Guide of Zahard Family
Top 200Baylord Doom(Active)UnknownUnknownEldest brother of Yama.
Top 500Ha Yuri Zahard(Active)Black SnakeheadFishermanZahard's Princess and owner of the Black March and Green April
500-1000Dorian Frog(Active)UnknownAnimaSecond Assistant Division Commander of Kallavan's Squadron 4 of the Zahard's Army.
High RankerAri Bright Sharon(Active)UnknownFishermanFirst Division Commander of Kallavan's Squadron 4 of the Zahard's Army.
High RankerAri Han(Active)UnknownUnknownHead of the Ari Family
High RankerAugusgus(Active)UnknownUnknown20th Floor Test Director
High RankerBaylord Paul(Active)UnknownUnknownThird Brother of Yama.
High RankerBaylord Yama(Active)UnknownUnknownFUG Slayer
High RankerCanzon(Active)UnknownUnknownThird-in-Command of Yama's Gang
High RankerElpathion(Active)UnknownLight BearerAssistant Commander of Kallavan's Squadron 4 of the Zahard's Army.
High RankerGado(Active)UnknownUnknownSecond-in-Command of Yama's Gang
High RankerGaram Zahard(Active)Mako SharkUnknownZahard's Princess and owner of the Blue August and Indigo July
High RankerGrand De Jah(Active)UnknownUnknownFormer leader of North City on the 43rd Floor and "protector" of the Spirit Room.
High RankerGrand De Sah(Active)UnknownUnknownFormer leader of South City on the 43rd Floor.
High RankerHa Cheonhee(Active)UnknownUnknownSecond Division Commander of Kallavan's Squadron 4 of the Zahard's Army.
High RankerHeice Zahard(Active)UnknownUnknownZahard's Princess
High RankerKallavan(Active)Human HunterFishermanCommander of Squadron 4 of the Zahard's Army.
High RankerKhel Hellam(Active)UnknownUnknownAn Elder of FUG.
High RankerKhul Nissam Kay(Active)UnknownUnknownFirst Division

Assistant Commander of Kallavan's Squadron 4 of the Zahard's Army.

High RankerKoon Marco Asensio(Unknown)Flying FishSpear BearerFamous high ranker of the Koon Family who created his own faction in the tower.
High RankerKoon Royale Elliot(Active)UnknownUnknown44th Floor Ruler of the Koon Family.
High RankerLo Po Bia Yasratcha(Active)UnknownAnimaCommander of the Fifth Army Corp of Zahard's Army.
High RankerMadoraco(Active)Grey CatfishUnknownFUG member
High RankerNyono Wan(Active)UnknownUnknownThird Division Cammander of Kallavan's 4th Army Corp.
High RankerPondo Zahard(Active)UnknownUnknownZahard's Princess
High RankerQuadrado(Active)UnknownUnknownTook part in the "Great Journey".
High RankerWhite(Active)UnknownUnknownFUG Slayer
High RankerYolker(Active)UnknownUnknownMember of Kallavan's Squadron 4 of the Zahard's Army.
Top RankerCulden(Active)NoneUnknownNo.6 in Yama's Gang
Top RankerJordan(Active)NoneUnknownNo.8 in Yama's Gang
Top RankerPhonsekal Drak(Active)NoneLight BearerSecond Company Commander of Kallavan's Squadron 4 of the Zahard's Army.
Top RankerRuel Mon(Active)NoneSpear BearerNo.7 in Yama's Gang
Top RankerYu Han Sung(Active)NoneWave Controller, Dansulsa, Wonsulsa, AnimaTest Director of the Second Floor
RankerAlphid Zahard(Unknown)NoneUnknownZahard's Princess and owner of the Luminous June
RankerAn Zahard(Active)NoneUnknownZahard's Princess and owner of the Silver January
RankerCharlie(Active)NoneUnknownWorker at the Altar dedicated for conveying Zahard's Orders.
RankerDeath Bird(Active)NoneUnknownServant of Karaka
RankerDeath Karambit(Active)NoneUnknownServant of Karaka
RankerDeath Lady(Active)NoneUnknownServant of Karaka
RankerGrand De Lee(Active)NoneUnknownLeader of North City on the 43rd Floor.
RankerGrande(Active)NoneUnknownMember of Baylord Paul's Clan
RankerGromm(Active)NoneUnknownServant of Karaka
RankerHa Ruda(Active)NoneUnknown
RankerHachuling(Active)NoneScoutWolhaiksong member and defector from Koon Family
RankerHax(Active)NoneFisherman2nd Floor Test Admin
RankerImort(Active)NoneUnknownFUG Slayer
RankerKaraka(Active)NoneScout, Wave Controller, FishermanFUG Slayer
RankerKurudan(Active)NoneWave Controller, DansulsaWolhaiksong member
RankerLero-Ro(Active)NoneLight Bearer, JeonsulsaFormer 2nd Floor Test Admin
RankerLo Po Bia Porp(Active)NoneUnknownLo Po Bia Family member
RankerLo Po Bia Ren(Active)NoneWave Controller, AnimaRoyal Enforcement Division member #67
RankerMule Love(Active)NoneSpear Bearer20th Floor Test Admin
RankerMs. Ice Strawberry(Active)NoneUnknownWolhaiksong member
RankerMs. Ice Strawberry's Partner(Active)NoneUnknownWolhaiksong member
RankerNoma(Active)NoneUnknown21st Floor Test Admin
RankerPephomemore Seto(Inactive)NoneUnknownFUG Slayer
RankerPoken(Active)NoneUnknownFUG Executive
RankerPowler(Active)NoneUnknownMember of Kallavan's Squadron 4 of the Zahard's Army.
RankerQuant Blitz(Active)NoneScout, HwayeomsaFormer 2nd Floor Test Admin
RankerRed Brubya(Active)NoneUnknownMessenger from the Zahard Family.
RankerStuah Arthur(Active)NoneLight BearerHigh Priest of the Altar dedicated for conveying Zahard's Orders.
RankerTall(Active)NoneUnknownMember of Baylord Paul's Clan
RankerTinker Yolche(Active)NoneUnknownMember of Kallavan's Squadron 4 of the Zahard's Army.
RankerWater Jelly(Active)NoneUnknownMember of Kallavan's 4th Army Corp
RankerYeon Woon(Active)NoneUnknownYeon Family member
RankerYu Bok-Dol(Active)NoneSpear Bearer2nd Floor Test Admin
RankerYuje(Active)NoneUnknownWolhaiksong member
?Robert Aisand(Active)The Cold WaveUnknownDeputy Director of the Ranker Administration Office

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Notes and Trivia

  • Rankers and High Rankers are actually forbidden from associating with Regulars. Of course, FUG is a random bunch so they don't care about the rules.[9]
  • Active Rankers can be a few hundred till a few thousand years old, but after growing up together in the family, there's not too many opportunities for encountering each other. So past memories from growing up last a long, long time, having an effect when they meet again.[10]
  • There is a big difference between the number of weapons carried by a Ranker and by a High Ranker. If a Ranker carries 10, a High Ranker would carry 100.[11]


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