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Of course... A game without me... IS A GAME NOT WORTH WINNING!!!

—Rak Wraithraiser to Anak Zahard[9]

Powers and Abilities

[10]Rak's strength has never been explicitly commented on in relation to others thus far in the series. However, it is highly apparent he is far stronger than an average E-rank Regular in Part 2, during the Workshop Battle. Of particular note is the fact he is assigned a price of 150,000 points in the Development Tournament of the Workshop Battle, same as that of Yeon Yihwa and more than that of Quaetro Blitz.[11] This is even more impressive when you consider that he was of unknown reputation and participated in the prior rounds of the Workshop Battle solely in his compressed form, which weakens his strength.

Immense Strength: Rak is extremely strong, disproportionate even with his huge size. He was able to throw a spear over a huge distance and smash aside multiple "strong" Regulars. In the Last Examination, he jumps off a tall cliff while carrying Parakewl through a vast distance and lands on a Giant Worm, with apparently no injury to himself whatsoever.[12]

Spear Expert: Rak can wield his huge spear at both close range and long-range with excellent skill. He can hit small targets that are hundreds of meters away, as shown when he hit a sniper rifle right out of a gunner's hands in the Crown Game, despite them being on the other side of the arena.[13] He was able to swing and thrust his spear at close range so fast that even Khun was only able to find an opening when Rak was distracted.

Hunting Intuition: Rak can sense strong opponents or weapons like the Green April or the Black March.[14]

High Shinsu Resistance: Rak is indicated to have very high resistance to dense shinsu environments, evident from the fact that he used to swim through shinsu to hunt.[15]

Compression Licenser: Beings with sizes inconvenient to move about the Tower can get permission from officials to have their size reduced drastically. This allows Rak to become smaller at will.

Shinsu Quality


  • Rak's shinsu quality of stone shield as shown by the Shinsu Reactant
  • Manipulate stones to protect Khun
  • Rak stone shield protected Khun
  • Rak's finger start to generate stone
  • Rak stone arms completed
  • Rak's palm turned to stone
  • Rak stone arms shining
  • Rak showing off to Khun

Rak's shinsu quality takes the form of a stone shield, this was shown by the item Shinsu Reactant from Data Eduan.[16] At first, Rak has a problem to figure how to draw his stone power out during the training with Data Yu Han Sung to control shinsu together with Khun. But after Rak has eaten lots of stones, his both arms started to generate stones shinsu which slowly covered his arms. His arms was transformed into solid rocks.[17] This ability manipulate external to himself convinced Data Eduan that Rak is a direct descendant of a Native One.[18]

Not long after that, the Big Breeder Jeok arrive to attack Baam and friends, bringing their respective Sworn Enemy like Khun Kiseia, Data Viole, Phonsekal Yurure and an unknown sworn enemy of Bero Bero. Data Eduan then teleported Data Viole to fight Khun and Rak. When Khun was stopped by Data Viole's Fast Skip technique, he took a direct attack. When Data Viole is about to kill him, Rak generated a small stone shield to defend Khun Aguero Agnis.[19]

Rak used his stone power again to create a 5 seconds temporary shield against the Mirror of the Past's attack by combining it with Khun's Ice shinsu quality to create a double defense wall consist of stones and ice.[20]

  • Rak and Khun Combination Skill: Five Seconds Freezing and Petrification

Rak showed his stone power at the Last Station to attack Levy who threaten to take unconscious Khun in a special box as a hostage. Levy warned Rak that he will kill Hockney with the Question Mark Curse if he keeps attacking him, but Rak didn't listen to his threat and eventually force Levy to retreat.


  • Red Spear: This is the spear he's been using since the 2nd Floor. He uses it throw, slice or pierce and it is apparently important to him probably because he's been using it for so long. Though he ends up exchanging it for new weapon named Mad Shocker.[21]
  • Mad Shocker:[21] It is a throwing spear that changes shape as it is thrown and has higher destructive power than a normal spear.[22] It is likely to be at least an E-rank weapon considering his current level. The spear is good for both offence and defence.[23]
  • Unnamed Ancient Spear: a spear that once was used by the Ancients. Baylord Yama found it somewhere within the tower. After Evankhell used it to injure Khel Hellam, Rak took the spear by chance. Rak used the spear again when he opened a path for Twenty-Fifth Baam to meet Baylord Doom.


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