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This article contain profile of Rachel as Regular. If you're looking for her Data Humans as Icarus in the Hidden Floor, see Icarus.

This world is so dark...I can't stand living in it anymore. I'm sorry Baam... I'm sorry... Please forget about me. So that I could be reborn.

—Rachel to Baam[8]


Rachel (라헬, Lahel/Rahel; "Rachel"), also known as Michelle Light (미쉘 라이트, Misuel Raiteu; "Michelle Light") is an Irregular[9] and was Baam's best and only friend as she was the only one to visit him in his "cave". She longs to see the stars which is one of the fabled rewards waiting at the top of the Tower, because she "fears the Night".[10] Having once been a member of Khun's team, she now works alongside FUG. After the events that took place on the Last Station, she was last seen being taken to the floating castle of Po Bidau Family, along with Ha Yura.

Notes and Trivia

  • Rachel is an Irregular.[9]
  • SIU has stated himself Rachel is the female protagonist.[11] However she's not a heroine.[12]
  • According to SIU, Rachel's name comes from the Bible.[13][14] Her name could be an allusion to a famous literary pun, from a Sherlock Holmes story called "A Study in Scarlet". In a certain scene, a detective called Lestrade thought the blood-stained word "rache" referred to "Miss Rachel" because he didn't realize "rache" meant "revenge" in German.[15][16]
  • According to SIU, both Rachel and Baam are deeply connected.[12] To Rachel, Baam was the night and her darkness and to Baam, Rachel was his star and his light. It's unknown if Baam's new name (Viole), which also implies "star" in Korean has any foreshadowing or implications for their future relationship.
  • She's the one who told Baam of his birthday (which would become his name).[11]
  • "SIU: If you get to know her, Lahel (Rachel), in fact, is a really charming character, haha. (12/14/2010)"[11]
  • SIU once wrote that Rachel was his favourite character of the Tower of God story.[17]
  • SIU has confirmed she's an Irregular, a fact accepted by the Korean fanbase. The term Irregular (비선별인원, biseonbyeolinwon; "members who have not been chosen" or "Irregulars") is actually used to refer to her and other Irregulars.[18]
  • Androssi Zahard and the Traveller have mentioned that they sensed something strange about her the moment they met her; a sense that she was from another world and somehow dangerous.[19] Androssi indicated that this sense was the reason she avoided attacking Rachel in the initial 2nd Floor test, though she later said she was just an ordinary girl.[20]
  • SIU stated that both she and Baam are quite knowledgeable about the Outside.[21]
  • SIU has stated that if Baam is a "Typical Hero", Rachel would be a "Normal Person". So he wanted to make a somewhat awkward situation where people would be angry at Rachel yet make her feel more relatable than Baam.[22]
  • SIU himself sees Rachel, not as a villain, but the opposite of Baam. She is a character he cares about a lot too, despite her getting hate. He has lots to say about Rachel, though he intends to say it bit by bit as the time goes.[23]


  • (Rachel teaching the meaning of "fight" to Baam) "And then - would you fight that person? For me?"[24]
  • (Rachel's lesson of "Making a man out of Baam ver 3.0") "Baam!! Remember!! Never betray another!! Betraying is bad! No matter what happens, you must never betray another person! Especially not a woman. If you betray a woman, the world's ceiling will collapse."[25]
  • (Rachel's goal) "Yes. There's nothing in our way. An open sky. And when night falls, the stars rise. It's unlike the night we fear, it's truly beautiful, the true night that comes. I definitely... will go there someday. Definitely..."[26]
  • (Rachel telling Baam about what's above "the cave") "Baam, I told you. Up there, it's a world where only those who have been chosen can play. I'm sorry Baam. I want to take you too. But... I just can't..."[27]
  • (Rachel telling Baam about the man who built a tower) "Yeah. Must be lonely. No friends, mom nor dad, just him and the stars together. I think it'd be very lonely. Why do you think he built the tower by himself? When being together is this much fun. Isn't it? Baam."[28]
  • (Rachel to Khun Aguero Agnis) "If I'm here Baam won't be able to climb the Tower, since Baam's goal is not to climb the Tower, but to find me..."[30]
  • (To Twenty-Fifth Baam) "Sorry. Baam. You have to die here."[31]
  • (In reply to Hwa Ryun on why she wanted to see the stars) "...because... I'm afraid of the night."[10]
  • (After lacerating Edin Dan's legs) "Don't talk so impetuously... when you know nothing. I... haven't done anything wrong."[32]
  • (To Khun Aguero Agnis) "Sly woman? Yes, you may be right. But to someone else, I'm the brightest woman ever. That's right. To that guy, I'm somewhat like a star. A star that shines so bright. That's what I should be like to that guy."[33]
  • (To Hwa Ryun) "You said you would teach me the way to be the heroine when you were guiding me. But it was a lie. The hero you choose was Baam. And I was just bait to make him go up the Tower. But I have found the way to become a heroine myself. It's nothing special. If I wasn't born to become a heroine from beginning, all I need was people who would send me to the top of the Tower in this awful darkness. If I break my legs, I will find the one who will walk for me. If I go blind, I will find the one who will see for me. If my thorn breaks, I will find the one who will be my thorn. All I need to do is find them. The guy behind the door right now is the one who will be my first thorn."[34]
  • (To Hwa Ryun) "I told you. We know that we can't keep you with us by force anyway. That's why We are not keeping you locked up. And as long as we have Emily, you are not a threat to us, either. This is so funny, seeing you being so incompetent."[35]
  • (To Hwa Ryun) "I don't care how I do it. And I don't care if it's not true friendship. As long as I can gather people who I can rely on, it's all good even if it's a fake friendship."[36]
  • (To Khun Aguero Agnis) "Unfortunately, Baam isn't like you. You cold-hearted man."[37]
  • (To Khun Aguero Agnis after the Dallar Show) "Since the very beginning. They have been determined to kill you all at any costs. To them, today is merely the start of a greater story. No matter what results you may achieve, everything will flow in a set direction."[38]
  • (To Baam after the Dallar Show) "Baam, brace yourself. If we meet again. We will be 'Enemies'."[38]
  • (To Hoaqin) "Since we saved you, I would like you to be my 'Subordinate' from now on. What do you think? We saved your life, you know. So I want you to be my 'Subordinate'. A faithful 'Sword' that follows my orders and slays enemies for me."[39]
  • (Talking about the ring to Wangnan) "I know a bit about it. What this ring means. Because I know one other person who has a ring like this. You guys are the fatal weak point that Zahard tried to hide but ultimately survived. You have gained power that you were not supposed to have, "Prince of the Red-Light District"."[9]
  • (To Wangnan) "I'm used to being hated anyway. I have also climbed the Tower before with a man who wanted to kill me. But it's always like that, is it? Even if you are not close companions or friends, you can use your mutual goals and apparent friendship as an excuse to climb the Tower together. Isn't that right? What I want is neither for you to become my friend nor to become my companion. I just want to climb the Tower together like others. Then you can save your companion's life and your ideals."[40]
  • (To Wangnan) "What I want is simply a blue sky, countless stars and a cool breeze. That ridiculously beautiful view which that person want for the entire life. If only I may be able to see that sight myself, I would be satisfied with that."[41]
  • (Talking to herself) "Arlene.. I don't care what Baam is to you. I'm the one from the legend who will obtain the thorn and make your wish come true. It has to be me!!"[41]
  • (To Baam) "Don't be ridiculous!! Why would you do such a thing?! Do you think you are some kind of hero?! Stop trying to show off!! You are talking about a world that has nothing to do with you!! Just give up!! Stay in that place and wait for me like before!! It's mine!! For ages I have!!"[42]
  • (To Grand De Lee) "You think everyone has to live according to a fixed destiny? Don't be silly. No one on the outside lives like that. Destiny only has value when you create it yourself!! I know very well!! It's foolish to devote your own life to destiny like that!!"[43]
  • (To Androssi Zahard) "Pff!! I'm surprised. You being jealous of me? You already have a lot of the stuff that I want, Endorsi. How could someone like you be jealous of me? This is such a strange feelings and what exactly do I have? Beauty, power, plus you are A Princess. Like a heroine in a fairy tale. I just wish I had been born like that too. We have both had somebody's blood on our hands to climb the Tower, but I'm a nasty bitch and you are a beautiful, cool-headed Princess. And you are forgiven for everything. Isn't that right? Ahh, it must be nice. Being pretty, I mean. I would love you too if I were Baam. I can't understand why Baam follows someone like me around, you know? That bothers you too, doesn't it?"[44]
  • (To Androssi Zahard) "Are you kidding me?! You are a Princess of Zahard!! How could I beat you?! You just want to take your anger out on me!! This test is completely unfair!!"[44]
  • (To Ha Yura) "You just don't get this!! You have spent your whole life being fawned over by other people because of that pretty face of yours. So don't act like you understand. It's not fair! I want to go.. I want to go.. I want to leave.. Arlene.."[45]
  • (To Baam) "You really are glowing. You have always told me I was like a shining star to you. But I knew, you are the one destined to shine like a star someday, not me. I was just destined to look at you shining from a place in the dark forever. I was afraid of that 'Destiny'."[46]
  • (To Baam) "Do you think you were born to come here, defeat Zahard and become the hero that would change this Tower? No, Baam. You weren't born for that. You weren't born to save this Tower. You are a 'Monster', born to curse this Tower and devour everything. Arlene always called you.. A monster."[47]

Alternate Translations

  • 라헬 (Lahel or Rahel)
  • Rachel or Michelle Light (LINE Webtoon US)
  • ラヘル (Raheru) (Anime and LINE Manga JP)
  • ミシェル・ライト (Misheru Raito)


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