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This world is so dark...I can't stand living in it anymore. I'm sorry Baam... I'm sorry... Please forget about me. So that I could be reborn.

—Rachel to Baam[6]

Rachel (라헬, Lahel/Rahel; "Rachel"), also known as Michelle Light (미쉘 라이트, Misuel Raiteu; "Michelle Light") was Baam's best and only friend as she was the only one to visit him in his "cave". She longs to see the stars which is one of the fabled rewards waiting at the top of the Tower, because she "fears the Night".[7]

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Having once been a member of Khun's team, she now works alongside FUG. After the events that took place on the Last Station, she was last seen being taken to the floating castle of Po Bidau Family, along with Ha Yura.



Not many things are known about Rachel's life before she entered the Tower.

At a certain point in time Rachel entered Baam's cave. She visited the boy a lot, and became the most important person for him. Rachel taught Baam everything he knows including language, education about the world, social etiquette, board games and so forth. She was like a mother, a sister and a friend to him.

For a long time Rachel had a dream about reaching the top of the Tower and seeing the stars. Also, she told Baam a story of a man, who loved a star so much, that he built a tower to reach it.[8]

In one of Baam's flashbacks, there was a scene where Rachel's hair was being pulled by an unknown person and her face expressing pain.[9]

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After entering the Tower, for some reason, Rachel kept a very distant attitude towards Baam and even almost succeeded in killing him

Appearance and Personality

Rachel is a short girl with primrose coloured hair and eyes and a lot of freckles. In Part I Rachel wore a pink dress and a brown long sleeved shirt under it, with a red ribbon tied around her waist and behind her back. In Part II when she was pretending to be crippled, she wore a plain white t-shirt and dark shorts but later returned to wearing her normal clothes from Part I. In her most recent appearance she wears a dark brown cloak, like the rest of her group.

Baam recalls that Rachel is a tomboy who likes to play pranks when Black March asks him about her. He doesn't describe her as exceptionally pretty, since she's ordinary but says that she is a good friend. Also, he mentions that she lies from time to time.[10] She was also distant and aloof in Part I, choosing to keep her distance away from all other Regulars, except when necessary.

Despite her original kindness to Baam, Rachel is manipulative, pathologically self-righteous and displays sociopathic tendencies. She is obsessed with reaching the top, and has no qualms using anyone or anything to achieve her goals. Rachel appears unable to accept any wrongdoing on her part and insists that she deserves to obtain her desires. Interestingly, Rachel is otherwise self-aware, acknowledging that she is "sly" and how her actions have pushed away others. Without any remarkable abilities of her own, Rachel relies on forming alliances with powerful Regulars to progress through the Tower.

Rachel resents her ordinary nature, both in regards to her appearance and her ability. She is openly envious of the beauty of other women (such as Androssi Zahard), and shows contempt at her lack of any notable skill.

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Tower of God: Part 1

Together with Akryung, Rachel was teleported to the Evankhell's Floor. In the 1st test, she met Androssi Zahard; they formed a team and then proceeded to kill everyone else in a 30 minute death match, facilitated by Quant.

Crown Game

This team participated in a joint bonus test of two different facilities. They entered the final round of the Crown Game, in order to defend Baam's position on the throne. Rachel was attacked by Hwa Ryun, but Baam jumped off the throne in order to save her, causing himself to be knocked out by the blow intended for Rachel. As Baam was protecting Rachel, he had a flashback of Rachel being attacked by a large man.


Rachel visited Baam while he was unconscious and met Khun. She asked him about the legend of the Tower and told him that she had always dreamed about reaching the top of the Tower and looking at the starry sky. She asked Khun not to tell Baam it was really her he had saved.

Khun kept her promise and told Baam that the person he saved was not Rachel. However, Baam saw through this trick and wondered why she wanted to see the stars so much, because to him, she was "more important than anything".

Position Test

Rachel assumed a different name, Michelle Light, and was positioned as one of the 'Best Seeds' of the Light Bearer group.


She was shown to avoid Baam, taking her lunch out to go and not even caring if this cost extra points. After talking with Androssi in the bathroom, Rachel had a dream where she was looking at the stars and saw Baam; she invited him over, but Baam was surrounded by all his other friends and ignored her.

She was then put on Team B for the Hide-and-Seek Test, the same team as Baam. She helped manage the team with the other Light Bearers, until Ho showed up. Ho lured Rachel out of her Lighthouse by telling her that someone was targeting Baam and then held her hostage to use her as a bargaining chip against Quant and Baam. When Baam refused to budge, Ho stabbed Rachel in the leg, causing her to scream in pain. However, Baam was able to stun Ho and rescue Rachel. Rachel told Baam not to chase after her before passing out. She was given treatment for her injury, but it was said that it was not enough and, as a a result, her legs were seemingly disabled.

Last Examination


Sorry. Baam. You have to die here.

Later, in the Last Examination, she was placed in a bubble of Shinsoo with Baam. They were attacked by the Bull, which attempted to destroy their bubble. Rachel relied on Baam to protect her from it, but after he killed the Bull, she unexpectedly stood up and pushed him out of the bubble saying, "Sorry. Baam. Here you need to die".

After Rachel came out of the submerged level she was confronted by Rak who inquired of Baam's whereabouts, where she replied breathlessly that Baam tried to protect her from the sudden appearance of the Bull and was down there, implying that Baam died trying to protect her. Later when Lero-Ro affirmed Baam's death she fainted and was carried to her room to rest. At night however she was sentient of Hwa Ryun visiting her and opened her eyes while Hwa Ryun said: "Congratulations Rachel, for becoming the heroine of the story".

Epilogue Rachel

In a flashback of occurrences before entering the Floor of Test, Baam chased after Rachel. Rachel said she would enter The Tower and asked Baam to forget about her. She was then transferred into the Tower. Rachel met Headon, who explained to her how she wasn't chosen to enter. Rachel refused to believe this, so Headon offered her the Ball Test Baam took in the beginning, to which Rachel refused, replying that she didn't want to die. After that, Headon said she should move out of the way because a guest has arrived. Baam arrived and agreed to take the test, while Rachel watched through a one way screen. Rachel was screaming "Don't do it!" to Baam over and over again but, because she was behind soundproof screen, she couldn't be heard.

After Baam's test was over, she asked Headon why Baam was chosen instead of her. Here, she implied that Baam had taken everything from her. Headon offered her a trade: if she could fulfill his yet unknown request, he would let her become the heroine of this story. Headon prepared her with Akryung and Yu Han Sung with Hwa Ryun, the Guide. After this, the flashback ended with Rachel going back to sleep. Before Hwa Ryun left, she asked why Rachel was going to such lengths to see the stars. Rachel replied that she was "afraid of the 'Night'".

Afterwards, she appeared along with the other Regulars as they passed on to the next Floor.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Connecting Fences


Six years later, Rachel made her first appearance as a part of Khun's team. She was, of course, able to walk but pretended to be disabled however, Khun was revealed to have known that Rachel could walk immediately after the Submerged Fish Test.


Rachel approached Dan after he got scolded by Khun for putting the team at risk of failing. She mentioned that she was envious of his speed and that it would be nice if he could become her legs.

Rachel betrayed


Devil of the Right Arm

As FUG made their move, the FUG infiltrators Apple and Michael considered killing Dan, since he was a witness to the events that took place after Khun, Novick and Ran left for Cassano. Rachel came in before they had time to decide and asked them to spare him so he could become her legs.

Dan, repulsed by her request, having been warned by Khun about her condition, bluntly refused, snidely remarking that she had two perfectly functioning legs of her own which she could use for herself, also confronting her about her betrayal of both Baam and Khun. In a rage, Rachel violently stabbed Dan's legs, stating that she did nothing wrong.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle


She appeared, dressed in a brown robe, with a few other people who were part of her group. She welcomed Casano as he arrived, with the Traveller, at their location. She asks Casano how his mission went and then asks if he brought Emily with him, which he confirmed. Rachel praised him and then told her group it was time to save the Tower.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


Rachel was seen with Casano as they stood behind Traveller and Emily's tank.

Revolution Road

Her group eventually arrived at Train City and Angel inquired as to where the old man and the other girl were with Rachel replying that they were coming.

Daniel finally joined up with the group and they proceeded to enter the Entrance floor where they came across Mirotic. Rachel then watched as Daniel fought against the semi-illusory guardian but stayed silent throughout even after he revealed he could switch off Mirotic with a remote. As the group went through the gate they came across a set of spiralling stairs and were encountered by a red mechanical bird who told them it would lead them to the Hell Express. At the top of the stairs Rachel and her group finally reached the Hell Express.

They were soon greeted by Poro Poe who told them that they would leave as soon as Ha Yura arrived. She suddenly heard a loud noise from below and Daniel told her he would go check it out. After a little while Yura arrived and they all readied to go until Khun and his teammates came out of the elevator, surprising them all. Rachel wondered how they managed to catch up and Khun explained before taking out his Lighthouses before casually berating her. Rachel took out her Lighthouses in response and then Khun rushed forward in attack but Rachel retaliated using one of her Lighthouses. However Khun easily broke through her attack and readied to subdue her until suddenly Baam appeared, greatly surprising Rachel.

The two looked at each other for a brief minute with Rachel calming her trembling and composing herself. When Baam attempted to start the conversation, she coldly interrupted him and shot him with two armour-piercing questions that left him shocked. Baam struggled to understand her words and, after baring his heart out, he is shocked once more when Rachel told him that her goals were much more important to her than he was. With this revelation Baam's Thorn suddenly began to get volatile and his power began to ascend.

Daniel then came over to Rachel and told her that they had to go, with Khun shouting at her in anguish. As they were fleeing Baam came behind Daniel and mercilessly floored him before telling Rachel she was going nowhere. Baam then told Rachel he'd have to stop her and continued saying that he didn't understand her actions. Just then Rachel's ally engaged Baam, taking him away from Rachel. However Khun immediately trapped Rachel in a paralysing shinsoo field with his Lighthouses but it was almost instantly eliminated by Daniel freeing Rachel again. As Poe brought the navigator over Rachel worriedly glanced back at Baam. Rachel then got on, using her Lighthouse to prevent Khun from following. As they flew towards the door of the Hell Train, Baam suddenly appeared behind them readying to take the navigator down. However Rachel stopped him and, after delivering another armour-piercing statement, she pushed a shocked Baam away and told him it wasn't a place for him to come up. As Rachel's group got closer to getting inside the Train, Khun fired one last attack at her which sliced her cheek as it flew past but she and the rest of her group managed to get on board the Train regardless.

Rachel and the rest of her group walked down "Revolution Road" into the train where they soon encountered some of the Train's guardians.


Rachel traversed through the Hell Train with her team until they reached the place where Daniel said Hoaqin's first part was sealed. After solving a mathematical puzzle that obstructed their way (with Hwa Ryun's help), they entered the room where they encountered the guardian, Bloomer. Hwa Ryun then helped them once more, enabling them to take the guardian down, with Rachel commending her for her guidance. As Daniel opened up the door sealing Hoaqin, Rachel explained her plans for the future to Hwa Ryun.

With Hoaqin's first part free, the group left the room where they encountered Ja Wangnan and Yeon Yihwa. After a quick altercation the two were made prisoners and the group then successfully passed the 36th Floor stage test.

Wooden Horse

When the train arrived at the Wooden Horse station, Rachel came out of the train doors with Ha Yura, Daniel and Hoaqin after reassuring Hoaqin that it was okay to leave. She then watched as Hoaqin displayed his overwhelming powers to the Regulars that were waiting at the station.

With no-one attempting to go on the train, the four turned to go back into the train until Hoaqin suddenly raged at the sight of someone. Electricity then rained down upon the train and three particular Regulars appeared out of nowhere. With Baam and Hoaqin fighting, Rachel hoped that the latter would be stronger. Just then, the fighting was interrupted when they were all teleported to the train conductor's office. The conductor then informed them of the situation that would occur in a month's time.

A Month

After being teleported to a differing section of the train, Rachel used Emily to help Hoaqin search for his other parts. However when they reached the place where his other part should be they found he wasn't here. Hoaqin then sensed the presence of his other part and rushed towards him, until they found him. However their reunion was cut short by the actions of Ja Wangnan.

She later arrived with the rest of the group in time for the game that would decide the Slayer candidacy.

The Dallar Show

Rachel was chosen to participate in the first round of the Dallar Show in the game, "Catching the sweetfish", alongside the Mad Dog. After facing off against Khun and unsuccessfully trying to catch the sweetfish, she ultimately lost to the blue-haired Light Bearer. Returning back to her team's side, Hoaqin nonchalantly berated her for her weakness and told her not to participate in any further rounds. Yura asked if she was okay and Rachel replied she was fine.

Later on, in the second round game, "Transferring the sweetfish", she and Yura traversed the pipes in an attempt to attack Khun. Ambushing him, alongside Casano and Traveller, her plans were thwarted by the arrival of Rak and Cherry La. Calling the fighting to cease, Khun struck a bet with Rachel based on a coin flip. She eventually lost the bet and Khun left her and Yura with a single dallar each.

In the final round of the Dallar Show, Rachel got into the Submarine of Choice opposite Khun. Following on, they made a bet where Rachel would reveal her history with Baam if she lost. Confident in Hoaqin to win, she watched with surprise when Baam eventually attained victory. With boiling acid suddenly starting to fill the arena, Rachel escaped thanks to Yura without telling Khun anything other than they were going to the 43rd Floor.

Yuri Jahad

Having successfully escaped, Rachel explained the situation to a confused Hoaqin before asking him to become her 'subordinate' and help her find a piece of the Thorn on the 43rd Floor in exchange for the location of his final clone.

The 'Name Hunt' Station

Her group managed to successfully clear the 38F stage test thanks to Hoaqin's strength.


Rachel devised a plan to trick Team Tangsooyook when Prince and Miseng came in asking to become Hoaqin's subordinates. Following through with the plan, Hoaqin played his part.

Later, she ambushed Akraptor and Wangnan and revealed the ruse before Yura took the injured Wangnan hostage. Retrieving the password from Akraptor, allowing Hoaqin's release from the locked room, she then inadvertently ended up killing Akraptor when he sacrificed himself to save Wangnan's life. Afterwards, Yura came in to ask if she was okay which she confirmed and added that at the next station was the greatest D-rank Scout who would end up aiding them to keep Hoaqin in check. She then told Rachel to get some rest before the next stage test. After she left, Rachel calmed her shaking hands and steeled herself, noting that she'd have to get used to killing others as she climbed.

Several weeks later, Rachel came into the room where Wangnan and Miseng were chained up and offered him warm clothes. He reacted angrily, but she told him to think about Miseng's condition as team leader. He replied glumly and Rachel said it was strange for an inheritor of Zahard's blood to be depressed, surprising him. Rachel then brought out his ring and revealed her knowledge of it and Zahard, alarming Wangnan. She then offered Wangnan a deal, shocking Wangnan.

A day later, Rachel returned to Wangnan, freed him from his chains and asked what his decision was after moving to another location. Wangnan angrily replied that he never said he'd work with her and would rather snap her neck. Rachel asked for his decision again before pointing out that he neither had to like her or become her companion as they would only be climbing to sate their mutual goals. Hearing this, Wangnan agreed to climb with her in exchange for letting Miseng go. He also added that he would eventually get revenge on her for killing Akraptor, which she said she'd keep in mind.

The Floor of Death

Rachel is brought into the Floor of Death within Yura Ha's suitcase. Rachel and Yura then converse about Karaka and their mutual surprise at his presence within the Hell Train. When Wangnan asks Rachel why someone nice like Viole would be following her, Rachel dodges the question and instead tells Wangnan that Baam is nice and she is bad. Rachel also says that she hoped to keep the fact that she is bad away from Baam, but knows that it is not possible. When Wangnan presses Rachel on her goal, she simply remarks that she wants to see "a blue sky, countless starsand a cool breeze. That ridiculously beautiful view…which that person wanted for their entire life." 'That person' is revealed to be Arlene Grace, as Rachel thinks to herself that she will be the one who will obtain the thorn and make Arlene's wish come true. Rachel then receives a notification from Emily telling her that Baam is heading to the spirit room in which the thorn fragment is stored. Rachel exclaims that they need to find the location of the spirit room, however, Hoaquin overhears her conversation and proceeds to tell Karaka that Baam is in the spirit room. Because of this, Rachel is forced to tell Karaka Baam's location. Rachel realizes that she'll be in "seriously hot water" if Karaka captures Baam after finding the thorn. She resolves to get to Baam before Karaka and Hoaquin and make him run away. By faking an injury, she is able to separate herself from Karaka and Hoaquin. Then she takes a shorter path to reach the spirit room quickly.

When she arrives, she quickly warns Baam to forget about obtaining the second thorn fragment and just run away to avoid Karaka and Hoaquin. However, Baam rejects her plea, and decides to continue forward. Rachel attempts to stop Baam, demanding he tell her why he is going forward in addition to what Garam told him. Baam shatters Rachel lighthouse after explaining that he's going to gather all of the thorn fragments, climb the tower and open the door leading to the final floor of the tower. Rachel becomes more agitated questioning why Baam would do such a thing in a world that has nothing to do with him. She pleads with him to give up and wait for her like before, however, Baam simply responds with a "goodbye." Despite this, Rachel follows Baam into the spirit room and asks Grand De Jah for permission to take the test for the thorn fragment. She explains that she's the one who brought Baam to the tower in the first place, and that he is nothing more than a thief trying to steal something that belongs to her. After De Jah reveals the test involves dispatching Hell Joe. Rachel remarks how impossible of a task it is for two regulars. Despite this, Rachel resolves herself to completing the test with Baam. She then asks Grand De Lee about any weaknesses Hell Joe may have. At this point, De Lee explains the power of Hockney's eyes. When Baam is reluctant to get Hockney involved, Rachel exclaims that they need every bit of luck that they can get. She also reveals that the final piece of Hockney's painting is in her lighthouse.

Rachel is tasked with rescuing Grand De Sah with help from De Lee. Rachel tells Baam that their alliance is temporary and Baam replies that they will be enemies once they learn of the location of the thorn fragment. Once the rescue mission begins, Rachel notices that De Lee seems more focused on saving De Sah than defeating Hell Joe. Upon eavesdropping on Khun's group, Rachel learns of the soul-stirring ladle and she follows after De Lee who attacks Khun's group in an attempt to retrieve the ladle first.

At this point, she over hears De Lee declaring how foolish it is to defy destiny. Right before De Lee is about to kill Khun, Rachel is able to stop him. She explains that Baam would not forgive De Lee if he were to harm his companions. She tells De Lee to give up on the ladle, explaining that it would be better for everyone if they gave Joe the ladle and let him leave. She then exclaims that De Lee's fatalistic ideology is getting on her nerves. She declares that it's foolish to devote your own life to a predetermined destiny and that destiny only has value when it is created by the individual. She ends her explanation by saying that if they use the ladle to let Joe leave the Floor of Death, she would be able to find the location of the thorn fragment. At this, De Lee tells Rachel that he's going to kill her. Rachel attempts to reason with De Lee yet her attempts are unsuccessful. Rachel declares that building Baam and Rachel up as saviors was all part of De Lee's plan. Since he lost control of the Floor of Death he just wanted to borrow the power of Baam and Rachel to reclaim the ladle, and with it, control. All of it was just an excuse to keep the denizens of the Floor of Death trapped under the rule of the Grands. At this point, De Lee attacks Rachel with his invisible observer and she is poisoned. Rachel was put into a deep sleep by Cherry La to prevent the poison from killing her.

Powers and Abilities

Rachel has shown relatively unremarkable abilities when featured in events that require her direct participation. She has had two brief encounters with Khun, both in which she was easily outclassed.[11][12] Khun has noted that she has not improved at all from her time as an E-Rank Regular on his team.[12]

Despite this, Androssi Zahard said that Rachel had an 'otherworldly' feeling, a sense that she came from "a different place from us" and that you therefore shouldn't fight her; this was sufficient to make Androssi side with her on the Second Floor.[13] This may be tied into her Irregular status. Also, like Baam, Hwa Ryun said that Rachel is a being that "not even the Guides can foresee".[14]

  • Rachel using compression skill on her Lighthouse
  • Stingray

Lighthouse Control: She was one of the two Best Seeds for Light Bearer in the Position Test, the other being Khun Aguero Agnis. In her most recent display, Rachel has been shown to be able to control 2-3 Lighthouses and is capable of using a powerful compression skill with them.

Treasure Eating Stingray: Gustang gave the Stingray to Rachel. It attacks when Rachel experiences danger and eats treasures, like the bracelet of Jahad. 

Knowledge of Tower: Being an Irregular, and apparently much more informed than Baam or Urek about the bigger picture and situation, especially after having been assigned her mission by the Floor 1 Administrator Headon, Rachel has used her greater knowledge of the Tower to her advantage against the many Regulars within.

Deceit/Manipulation: Rachel is not above utilizing her apparent charisma which may be related to her Irregular status as well as her great knowledge of the Tower, to get allies to work alongside her. Even allies who seem far more powerful than her apparently work on her behalf. She uses deceitful tactics against adversaries or neutral parties to her advantage as well, showing a great capacity to pit other characters against each other to further her plans. She has on occasion managed to outsmart Khun, although she almost always fails in direct battles of wit with him.


  • (Rachel teaching the meaning of "fight" to Baam) "And then - would you fight that person? For me?"[15]
  • (Rachel's lesson of "Making a man out of Baam ver 3.0") "Baam!! Remember!! Never betray another!! Betraying is bad! No matter what happens, you must never betray another person! Especially not a woman. If you betray a woman, the world's ceiling will collapse."[16]
  • (Rachel's goal) "Yes. There's nothing in our way. An open sky. And when night falls, the stars rise. It's unlike the night we fear, it's truly beautiful, the true night that comes. I definitely... will go there someday. Definitely..."[17]
  • (Rachel telling Baam about what's above "the cave") "Baam, I told you. Up there, it's a world where only those who have been chosen can play. I'm sorry Baam. I want to take you too. But... I just can't..."[18]
  • (Rachel telling Baam about the man who built a tower) "Yeah. Must be lonely. No friends, mom nor dad, just him and the stars together. I think it'd be very lonely. Why do you think he built the tower by himself? When being together is this much fun. Isn't it? Baam."[8]
  • (Rachel to Khun Aguero Agnis) "If I'm here Baam won't be able to climb the Tower, since Baam's goal is not to climb the Tower, but to find me..."[20]
  • (To Twenty-Fifth Baam) "Sorry. Baam. You have to die here."[21]
  • (In reply to Hwa Ryun on why she wanted to see the stars) "...because... I'm afraid of the night."[7]
  • (After lacerating Edin Dan's legs) "Don't talk so impetuously... when you know nothing. I... haven't done anything wrong."[22]
  • (To Khun Aguero Agnis) "Sly woman? Yes, you may be right. But to someone else, I'm the brightest woman ever. That's right. To that guy, I'm somewhat like a star. A star that shines so bright. That's what I should be like to that guy."[23]
  • (To Hwa Ryun) "You said you would teach me the way to be the heroine when you were guiding me. But it was a lie. The hero you choose was Baam. And I was just bait to make him go up the Tower. But I have found the way to become a heroine myself. It's nothing special. If I wasn't born to become a heroine from beginning, all I need was people who would send me to the top of the Tower in this awful darkness. If I break my legs, I will find the one who will walk for me. If I go blind, I will find the one who will see for me. If my thorn breaks, I will find the one who will be my thorn. All I need to do is find them. The guy behind the door right now is the one who will be my first thorn."[24]
  • (To Hwa Ryun) "I told you. We know that we can't keep you with us by force anyway. That's why We are not keeping you locked up. And as long as we have Emily, you are not a threat to us, either. This is so funny, seeing you being so incompetent."[25]
  • (To Hwa Ryun) "I don't care how I do it. And I don't care if it's not true friendship. As long as I can gather people who I can rely on, it's all good even if it's a fake friendship."[26]
  • (To Khun Aguero Agnis) "Unfortunately, Baam isn't like you. You cold-hearted man."[27]
  • (To Khun Aguero Agnis after the Dallar Show) "Since the very beginning. They have been determined to kill you all at any costs. To them, today is merely the start of a greater story. No matter what results you may achieve, everything will flow in a set direction."[28]
  • (To Baam after the Dallar Show) "Baam, brace yourself. If we meet again. We will be 'Enemies'."[28]
  • (To Hoaqin) "Since we saved you, I would like you to be my 'Subordinate' from now on. What do you think? We saved your life, you know. So I want you to be my 'Subordinate'. A faithful 'Sword' that follows my orders and slays enemies for me."[29]
  • (Talking about the ring to Wangnan) "I know a bit about it. What this ring means. Because I know one other person who has a ring like this. You guys are the fatal weak point that Zahard tried to hide but ultimately survived. You have gained power that you were not supposed to have, "Prince of the Red-Light District"."[30]
  • (To Wangnan) "I'm used to being hated anyway. I have also climbed the Tower before with a man who wanted to kill me. But it's always like that, is it? Even if you are not close companions or friends, you can use your mutual goals and apparent friendship as an excuse to climb the Tower together. Isn't that right? What I want is neither for you to become my friend nor to become my companion. I just want to climb the Tower together like others. Then you can save your companion's life and your ideals."[31]
  • (To Wangnan) "What I want is simply a blue sky, countless stars and a cool breeze. That ridiculously beautiful view which that person want for the entire life. If only I may be able to see that sight myself, I would be satisfied with that."[32]
  • (Talking to herself) "Arlene.. I don't care what Baam is to you. I'm the one from the legend who will obtain the thorn and make your wish come true. It has to be me!!"[32]
  • (To Baam) "Don't be ridiculous!! Why would you do such a thing?! Do you think you are some kind of hero?! Stop trying to show off!! You are talking about a world that has nothing to do with you!! Just give up!! Stay in that place and wait for me like before!! It's mine!! For ages I have!!"[33]
  • (To Grand De Lee) "You think everyone has to live according to a fixed destiny? Don't be silly. No one on the outside lives like that. Destiny only has value when you create it yourself!! I know very well!! It's foolish to devote your own life to destiny like that!!"[34]
  • (To Androssi Zahard) "Pff!! I'm surprised. You being jealous of me? You already have a lot of the stuff that I want, Endorsi. How could someone like you be jealous of me? This is such a strange feelings and what exactly do I have? Beauty, power, plus you are A Princess. Like a heroine in a fairy tale. I just wish I had been born like that too. We have both had somebody's blood on our hands to climb the Tower, but I'm a nasty bitch and you are a beautiful, cool-headed Princess. And you are forgiven for everything. Isn't that right? Ahh, it must be nice. Being pretty, I mean. I would love you too if I were Baam. I can't understand why Baam follows someone like me around, you know? That bothers you too, doesn't it?"[35]
  • (To Androssi Zahard) "Are you kidding me?! You are a Princess of Zahard!! How could I beat you?! You just want to take your anger out on me!! This test is completely unfair!!"[35]
  • (To Ha Yura) "You just don't get this!! You have spent your whole life being fawned over by other people because of that pretty face of yours. So don't act like you understand. It's not fair! I want to go.. I want to go.. I want to leave.. Arlene.."[36]
  • (To Baam) "You really are glowing. You have always told me I was like a shining star to you. But I knew, you are the one destined to shine like a star someday, not me. I was just destined to look at you shining from a place in the dark forever. I was afraid of that 'Destiny'."[37]
  • (To Baam) "Do you think you were born to come here, defeat Zahard and become the hero that would change this Tower? No, Baam. You weren't born for that. You weren't born to save this Tower. You are a 'Monster', born to curse this Tower and devour everything. Arlene always called you.. A monster."[38]

Notes and Trivia

  • SIU has stated himself Rachel is the female protagonist.[39] However she's not a heroine.[40]
  • According to SIU, Rachel's name comes from the Bible.[41][42] Her name could be an allusion to a famous literary pun, from a Sherlock Holmes story called "A Study in Scarlet". In a certain scene, a detective called Lestrade thought the blood-stained word "rache" referred to "Miss Rachel" because he didn't realize "rache" meant "revenge" in German.[43][44]
  • According to SIU, both Rachel and Baam are deeply connected.[40] To Rachel, Baam was the night and her darkness and to Baam, Rachel was his star and his light. It's unknown if Baam's new name (Viole), which also implies "star" in Korean has any foreshadowing or implications for their future relationship.
  • She's the one who told Baam of his birthday (which would become his name).[39]
  • "SIU: If you get to know her, Lahel (Rachel), in fact, is a really charming character, haha. (12/14/2010)"[39]
  • SIU once wrote that Rachel was his favourite character of the Tower of God story.[45]
  • SIU has confirmed she's an Irregular, a fact accepted by the Korean fanbase. The term Irregular (비선별인원, biseonbyeolinwon; "members who have not been chosen" or "Irregulars") is actually used to refer to her and other Irregulars.[46]
  • Androssi Zahard and the Traveller have mentioned that they sensed something strange about her the moment they met her; a sense that she was from another world and somehow dangerous.[20][14] Androssi indicated that this sense was the reason she avoided attacking Rachel in the initial 2nd Floor test, though she later said she was just a ordinary girl.[47]
  • SIU stated that both she and Baam are quite knowledgeable about the Outside.[48]
  • SIU has stated that if Baam is a "Typical Hero", Rachel would be a "Normal Person". So he wanted to make a somewhat awkward situation where people would be angry at Rachel yet make her feel more relatable than Baam.[49]
  • SIU himself see Rachel not as a villain, but the opposite of Baam. She is a character he cares about a lot too, despite her getting hate. He has lots to say about Rachel, though he intends to say it bit by bit as the time goes.[50]



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