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The various races of the Tower.

Races, sometimes referred to as Tribes or Species, are groups of sentient beings that share distinctive physical traits. They mostly coexist in the Tower, but in certain unregulated areas of the Tower there can occur violent conflicts between the races.

Humanoid Races

Races that are human, are human hybrids, or share the majority of their physical traits with humans. Most races fall under this classification.

Clarification: Several people in the Tower of God series are humanoid with different distinctive physical traits, like pointed ears, different skin colours, more limbs, or different sizes. However, as long as they are not defined as a different race they will not appear on this page as a separate race.



Human are the dominant race in the tower with most regulars/rankers being human. They can exhibit a lot of different powers, but do not inherently by the nature of their race possess any Special abilities.[1] They can have a diverse range of appearance based on where in the Tower they originate from, but will stay within the realm of what is considered human outside of Talse Uzer Story.

Red Witches

Red Witch

Red Witches are a race that is born with an innate ability to see fate, which makes them good guides.[2] They have red hair and eyes, which is where their name comes from, with fair skin. They mostly serve as guides for FUG, with the only two known red witches that serve as guides being in the employment of FUG.

Silver Dwarves

Silver dwarves

Silver Dwarves are a race that is born with an innate ability to see the crossroads right in front of them, which makes them good guides.[3] As the name imply, they are short humanoid race with silver skin and hair. They mostly serve as guides for the Zahard Empire, with both known Silver Dwarves serving Zahard's Princesses.


Paul eating Yihwa Flame

Gueta are able to eat all kinds fires, no matter how hot they might be. They also have a general resistance to fire, but it is not absolute like their fire eating ability, which means that very hot fires can still hurt them. The only known member of this race is Paul Belkrohn.

Canine People


Canine People are an artificial race created by using Baylord Doom's power on any member of one of the other races. Depending on the strength of the individual and the intentions of the one performing the transformation, the result can be Canine Lords, Mutts, and Combat Dogs. Most of the strongest people that undergo this transformation become Canine lords, which appear mostly human except their dog ears. The weaker people that undergo transformation usually become Mutts, appearing as bipedal dogs. The combat dogs are very similar to Mutts, but do not have free will and are treated like expendable fodder.

Data Humans

Data urek mazino

Data Humans are people generated by the Hidden Floor to populate it, originally created without sentience only to appear human. However, after Urek Mazino shattered the Mirror at the End several Data Human started to gain sentience due to a bug. They will look like ordinary humans or whoever regular they are supposed to represent. See list of Category: Data Human



The Khukum tribe is one of many tribes living as outcasts on the 49th Floor and was the dominant race there until Devy gained the power of Yeon Woon's flame. After most of them were killed on sight by Devy, only a few Khukum remain on the 49th floor. They look similar to humans and have similar intelligence to humans[4], but due to the hazardous environment they wear a protective mask which covers their whole face.

Rabbit Ear (Race)

Rabbit Ear

Rabbit Ear are a humanoid race that has unique physical trait of rabbit's ear. It seems that their species is currently having problems about wealth, with having two of its members, Rabbit Girl (V2155) and Xia Xia, climbing the tower with ambition to seek wealth. They also seems to work and serve the Zahard Empire because some of their members can be found inside the Zahard's military ranks and "supported regulars" of the 10 Great Families.

Animalistic Races

Races that appear more like Animals than Humans.

Native Ones


Native ones are descendants of the ancient giant, know as the Native One, that split itself into five parts with each part having the power to control a certain element. The direct descendants of the Native One inherit the same power, while indirect descendants only inherit part of the power.[5] The only know direct descendant of this race is Rak Wraithraiser, which has the appearance of a large brown bipedal crocodile, but their appearance may differ from member to member.



The Dooni tribe is one of many tribes living as outcasts on the 49th Floor, but they were massacred by the Khukum due to the way they looked. Only one member was left alive, which was Devy, and he was treated like a slave until he was given the power of Yeon Woon's flame. He is the only Dooni left and his race will die with him. This tribe looks like a small bipedal pig and they are not very powerful, which is why they ended up being bullied and killed by the stronger Khukum tribe.



The Wraithraisers are a race that swim in shinsoo hunting turtles, with no other lifeforms present, which makes them think of most other lifeforms as different kinds of tutles.[6][7] They look like large brown bipedal crocodiles, which caused Khun Aguero Agnis to nickname Rak, the only known Wraithraiser, as "Crocodile".[8] Due to their large size, they are one of the races that benefit from a Compression License, allowing them to traverse many places their size usually would not allow them to.

Unusual Races

Races that are appear strange or even alien compared to most other races in the Tower.

Da-an Tribe


The Da-an Tribe, also know as the Many Eyed race, they are large and have a mostly humanoid appearance, but with a quite alien head. Their head is round with eyes on all sides of the head. Although they are quite large, they are very docile race.[9]


2nd Floor Guardian

The Guardian rule the shinsoo of each floor and are the most powerful race in the Tower. All regulars of the tower need to enter in a contract with the guardian of each floor in order to use shinsoo, irregulars are exempt from this rule. There are also several different contracts that can be made with guardian for several different outcomes.Their appearance is usually quite monstrous, but they have the ability to change appearance, mostly appearing as enormous gray Shinheuh, with Headon being the only known exception.

Fluffy Dwarves

Fluffy dwarves

The Fluffy Dwarves is one of many tribes living as outcasts on the 49th Floor, they were the only tribe that were nice to Devy prior to him getting the power of Yeon Woon's flame. This made it so when Devy drove off the rest of the Tribes, they were the only ones allowed to stay. They look like a mass of gelatinous liquid in the form of small humans.



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