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It seems you're mistaken about something. I have no problem eliminating you even without using Shinsu. There is only one reason I am avoiding you with my Shinsu. It's because I don't want to kill Regulars with my own hands. Remember that.

—Quant to Ship Leesoo

Quant Blitz (퀀트 블릿츠, Kweont Blitseu) is a Ranker and the former Test Admin of the 2nd Floor along with Lero-Ro. He instructed the Scout Position class, so his Position is a Scout.[5]


All that is known about Quant's history is that he made it to the 134th Floor of the Tower, became a Ranker, received a rank, became friends with Lero-Ro, received employment at Evankhell's Hell or the Second Floor as Test Admin and received a B-level Pocket.

Appearance and Personality

Quant has red hair and red eyes. He has a darker skin colour compared to those of other characters. He is seen mostly wearing a white lab coat like Lero-Ro, but without the legs flared out.

He is essentially the classic maniac archetype, which is common for the Blitz Family. He has a short temper, is extremely cocky and overall is very childlike. He is a bit of a slacker, as shown when instead of handling the 2nd Floor tests as he was meant to, he simply let the Regulars go on "a 30-minute killing spree". He seems to be at least above-average intelligence, as seen during the Hide-and-Seek game. Still, because of his hot temper, he was easily manipulated and tricked by Khun Aguero Agnis as well as Khun Hachuling, who managed to take away all of his life savings by playing with his emotions. Quant has also been shown to use restraint, such as in the fight with Hatsu, as the latter noted that Quant could have finished him anytime he wanted but chose rather see the limits of Hatsu's skills.[6]

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Tower of God: Part 1

Quant first appeared in the story after proctoring a test for the Regulars on the Second Floor. He informed Yu Han Sung of the fact that an Irregular and a Princess had entered the Floor.


Quant gets angry about being blackmailed by Khun

He was then chosen as the "hunter" or "seeker" in the Hide-and-Seek Test by supervisor Yu Han Sung.[5] He easily eliminated most of Team A using Shinsu and then pursued Anak Zahard, only to run into Khun Aguero Agnis. Khun enraged Quant to the point where the ranker pushed him off the bridge, only to find that Khun had set up a Pulley system and that by attacking Khun, Quant had essentially guaranteed victory for Khun's team. Khun later approached Quant with Phonsekal Laure and said that Laure would help him catch Anak if Quant did what Khun wanted. Quant had no choice but to agree, so Laure blasted him up to catch Anak.

Quant fighting Hatsu.

At the start of Team B's test, Quant was seen muttering that Khun would not get his way. He seemed very angry about recent events. He then started hunting Team B and ran into Hatsu. He attacked him and was surprised by his skill, comparing his style to that of Arie Hon's sect. He then moved in for another attack, which Hatsu dodged. Hatsu leapt into the shadows and then attacked Quant, but he was ready, grabbed the swordsman and smashed him into a wall. However, Hatsu was able to trap him with his grip, to Quant's amazement. However, the Spear Bearers for Team B had run off and Quant was able to break free and defeat Hatsu. He then turned up in the Safety Zone, telling Ho that she was impudent to say she was working for God, as he was the god of the test. He had found them by tracing Rachel's Lighthouse, meaning someone must have told him about Ho's plans beforehand. He attacked Ho, but Parakewl and Mauchi attacked him with spears from a long-range, allowing Ho to get into the Safety Zone. While Quant considered his options, Baam turned up and was forced by Ho to attack Quant. Quant immobilized Baam with Shinsu and told him to copy the technique to save Rachel while he dealt with the Spear Bearers. He had only told Baam this to get him into the Safety Zone, but when Baam actually used the ability, Quant wondered if Baam was really "a monster", especially after Baam used it from a distance to help Androssi catch him.

Epilogue - Rachel

After the Regulars went up to the next Floor, he was fired by Yu Han Sung after Lero-Ro quit his position as Examiner. Quant claims not to be involved with him but even after warning him that where he was going was a "hellish place" he still follows Lero-Ro to the 77th Floor, to the headquarters of the Wolhaiksong.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Extra Floor

Quant flying

Quant went with Lero-Ro to the 77th Floor to find Wolhaiksong's headquarters, finally getting there after six years. Despite how much they searched, they found no-one and quickly became lost in a forest. They eventually came across an odd arcade in the middle of this forest. Upon entering, they met someone with the classic Khun features, blue eyes, and blue hair, who called himself Blueberry. Quant challenged him to several games, betting his money, and in the end losing his life savings. Blueberry then gave Quant one more chance and tricked him into entering a real suspendship (which Quant thought was a simulation model), blasting Quant nearly to death. Quant's squabble with Blueberry was postponed when Lero-Ro recognized Blueberry as Hachuling of Wolhaiksong. After receiving a sudden call from Yuje, Hachuling offered them a job that would allow them to become Wolhaiksong interns.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle


Quant preparing for battle

As the Regulars were carrying out the rescue of the hostages, Quant was seen piloting the Wolhaiksong suspendiship. As the battles reached their climax, Quant helped Lero-Ro in his fight with a FUG Ranker by flying the ship at him. When the ship was landed close by, the group was approached by another Ranker associated with FUG who threatened to attack them. Quant prepared to fight when the assailant suddenly retreated. Later, onboard the ship, Quant was seen conversing with Quaetro.


At the Wolhaiksong resort, the Wolhaiksong members are talking when the Hell Express was brought up, with Quant reminiscing about his knowledge of the Hell Express.

A few days later, Quant was seen talking to Quaetro, with the latter claiming how popular Quant was for being in so many commercials.

Powers and Abilities

Quant's main position is Scout. So his abilities more focused on hiding and escaping.[1] This was proven when Quant can either completely disappear behind the shadow or dark area or when he can navigate himself perfectly in pitch darkness, without using any kind of goggles or special equipment. He just read the flow of Shinsu around him and figuring out where his opponents are.[7]

While Quant was said to be the weakest Ranker on the Floor of Tests, he's still a Ranker, and his powers, even without Shinsu were shown to be overwhelming compared to the Regulars in the Hide-and-Seek game. Also, though he's understandably considered an idiot by many other characters, and though his emotional outbursts can cloud his judgment, he is still quite capable, being able to determine the strategy of the Team A and accurately calculate the time required to join their positions against him during the game.

Excellent Physical Skills: Quant has demonstrated quite strong close combat capabilities. He can easily take on multiple fairly good fighters at once and Hatsu noted that his moves had been honed to a level that was beyond human.[8] In his fight against Androssi, he was able to block the Ignition Weapon Narumada with only his arms without using Body Reinforcement technique.[9]

Shinsu Attacks: Quant can use Shinsu to knock people out from a long-range, using it much like his fists, except without moving.

  • Black Fish:[7] A Shinsu technique that blocks out the light, thereby making the Scout "invisible" in dark places. Upon usage, Quant is covered in a strange dark liquid and moves at an incredible speed.[10]
  • Fast Skip: Quant can temporarily immobilize an enemy at a certain range using Shinsu. He is the first person to introduce this technique. In part I, Quant used this technique against Baam to gave him a false hope to save Rachel who was being held hostage by Ho, just for a brief moment while he rushes to take down the spear bearers first. This technique took Quant decades for him to mastered it. It's unknown until to what extend he can control this technique, but it seems he has to do a direct physical contact, requiring him to touch the enemies.[11]
  • Body Reinforcement: Quant can use Shinsu to strengthen or reinforce his body to become tougher than steel, and increasing his speed, strength, and reflexes. Quant finally use Body Reinforcement technique as a sign he started to fight seriously, only after he saw that Baam "somehow" copied his Fast Skip technique and witness that Baam managed to stop a Ranker like him. To avoid further risk in his fight with princess Androssi, Quant stop fooling around and he finally uses the shinsu to reinforce his body so that Baam can't stop him for long.[12]
  • Hwayeomsa (Flame User):[2] This position is fairly unknown. Though "hwayeom" does translate to fire, it may be a non-literal meaning or comparison. If it is related to fire: according to SIU in a chat, it is extremely difficult to turn Shinsu into a fire.[13] (Note: it is unverified as it's from a chat but this is accepted as fact by most or all Korean fans.) If being a Flame User does involve manipulating fire, this might be connected to his Black Fish ability. But the Blitz Family is notorious for producing fire users and Quaetro Blitz, another member of his family can create flames with Shinsu.


  • (To Ship Leesoo) "Remember my student! Since a Scout is always in the front line, there is a high possibility of confronting a number of enemies at once! The best thing to do is to get rid of their "eyes", the Lighthouse! Once the Lighthouse is gone, it doesn't matter how many enemies there are. Especially the Spear Bearers. Are you wondering how I can see in the dark? Sorry, but a good Scout can read the shinsu in the dark and figuring out enemies' location. A top Scouts doesn't need any lights."[7]
  • (Internal monologue) "It's an ironic story. Throwing away what's precious, giving in to their own selfish desires to even betray their own, but the One God has chosen is a child who cries over the death of a competitor... not a friend. But if he's truly gifted, there's no way they could have continued together. No matter how small a baby shark is, it can't swim with the sardines."[14]
  • Do you say you'll do what God should have done? A regular like you? You should know better. The God on this stage is me.[15]
  • (Talking to the traitorous Regulars of Team B) "I think you're all quite mistaken about something... I'm not a greenhorn like you- do you think I'd blink at the thought of someone dying? Try it kill 'em. But, you'd better say your prayers. If even a single person dies here- all of you will be slaughtered."[11]

Notes and Trivia

  • Quant is jokingly referred to as a coffee shuttle for Yu Han Sung during the Hide-and-Seek Test.[5]
  • Lero-Ro and Quant are awkwardly described as a "Set Menu" by Yu Han Sung, respectively as Hamburger and Coke,[16] also due to the fact that he and Quant have always been together.
  • His face appears on many products seen throughout the Tower such as on the drinking can soda and Shinsu Measuring Device. Recently, the reason behind Quant taking so many CFs (Commercial Films) has been revealed, bringing much media attention; it's because Yu Han Sung controls his publicity rights. Quant didn't bother to read his 2nd Floor Test Admin employment contract carefully upon being hired, affixing his seal and signature without a second thought. In reality, the main contract contained the publicity contract as well. Nowadays, Yu Han Sung disseminates Quant's publicity rights at a cheap price for a Ranker. He already has taken tons of pictures in case Quant quits. Although Yu Han Sung fired him, the contract is still legally valid and will not expire for hundreds of years, much to Quant's chagrin. Quant cries tears of regret whenever he sees his new advertisements. As a side note, Quant is a very popular model for products such as the punching machine series, chewy foods, and crackers. [17]
  • Quant does receive money from all the advertisements he was featured in. It's his earning.[18]



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