Come here Chirpy, I'll fry you up nicely this time.

—Quaetro Blitz to Ja Wangnan[1]

Quaetro Blitz (쿼에트로 블릿츠, Kwo-eteulo Beullischeu) is an C-rank Regular. Although he failed the test on the 28th Floor once, he appeared on the 30th Floor for the Workshop Battle. After the Dallar Show that took place on the Hell Express, he left the train and currently on 52nd Floor with Chang Blarode.

Appearance and Personality

He has red, shoulder-length hair and red eyes with a medium build. He is maniacal and slightly psychotic, with the same mental build as his relative Quant Blitz. SIU himself has mentioned that the Blitz Family is notorious for producing fire using Regulars with a maniacal temperament. His gender is currently unconfirmed.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince


He was first seen in the 28th Floor testing ground where he chased Wangnan because he was reminded of his childhood pet Chirpy. When Wangnan desperately pretended to be Chirpy in order to stall for time, Quaetro revealed that he burnt Chirpy himself. He was about to burn Wangnan, but Viole intervened. They fought and, although Quaetro seemed to gain the upper hand by surprising Viole with his control of 3 baangs, he lost to Viole, who demonstrated even greater skill by manipulating 5 baangs.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

He was seen again with Chang Blarode listening the rules to get the ticket to board the Archimedes.

One Shot, One Opportunity


Nice and crispy

After receiving the gun, he and Chang eliminated a group of Regulars and went for Team Tangsooyook members. Upon entering the place, they were trapped by Koon, Dan and Wangnan. Finally, he was sent to the Archimedes along with Chang.


He was seen with Chang in the same room as Team Tangsooyook and helped Yihwa to take a photo of Rak.

Battle x Gamble

He was chosen for the fifth round of the Plug event and eliminated all Regulars except Yihwa, because she was not affected by his flames. She warned of the consequences of using flames without thinking, but he ignored her.


He was summoned by Wangnan to take part of the semi-finals of the Development Tournament. He was present when Koon revealed the plans that FUG had for Viole.


When he went out to the battlefield, he was being pulled by Wangnan. They had the mission of summoning Viole. When a member of Team Snake appeared, he talked to Wangnan and told him to go ahead because he had something to burn. He further stated that he was not doing this for Viole, but because he has started to like Wangnan.



Quaetro fries up the member from Team Snake

After frying the member from Team Snake, he was asked by Rak if Beta had passed by and replied that he flew to the shop. The team split into 2 groups, one to head over to the shop while Quaetro went with the other to the summoning station.


He and the rest of Leesoo's team rushed to the shop, just in time to prevent the Workshop's guards from disposing of Beta. As Horyang, Novick and Hwa Ryun were made hostages by Reflejo, Quaetro went with Viole's friends to recover them. After rescuing the hostages and boarding the suspendiship, he was delighted to see Chang again.


Chang began to grow suspicious over Wangnan's miraculous recovery and Quaetro added that Chirpy really was immortal. Later, he and Quant were seen sharing a conversation.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


He was seen chasing after Rak telling him he would toast him up nicely. He was later seen in the meeting, listening to Hwa Ryun explain about the Hell Express.

Revolution Road

Quaetro appeared with Chang as the tournament headed into its final battle. Later, he teased Rak with Chang.


After the Train City incident, Team Tangsooyook took the 35th Floor test and he and Chang were headed to defend.

Later on, as Team Tangsooyook were being escorted by Ha Jinsung, he and Chang aided in their escape by challenging Jinsung. However, the two were soundly defeated.

Wooden Horse

Quaetro rushed to get to the Wooden Horse station as quickly as possible with the rest of Team Tangsooyook.

Much later, he along with Chang, Miseng, Prince and Akraptor found themselves trapped inside a cage on board the Hell Express.

The Dallar Show

He was seen sitting opposite Chang with the two playing some sort of card game.

Powers and Abilities

Quatro blitz 3 baangs

Quaetro controlling 3 baangs

He is a skilled Wave Controller and is able to manipulate three baangs,[2] an impressive feat that only nine or so other E-rank Wave Controllers are capable of doing. His physical abilities are unknown since he was defeated too quickly by Viole to be able to give an estimation (it should be noted that he wasn't completely overpowered by Viole, after being hit by 5 baangs he was seemingly uninjured). Ran mentions that if Viole were at Quaetro's level, it would be annoying that he would be as strong as someone that powerful.

Flame User: As a member of the renowned Blitz Family, Quaetro is a flame user and, as such, can produce and control fire and flames; his baangs take on a fiery form. He was seen using it to almost burn Wangnan and also inflicted a shallow wound on Viole.[2] His control over fire is much more adept and masterful than Yeon Yihwa's and he even told her that she couldn't master her flames if she continued to fear them;[3] she is immune to his flames however.[3]

Notes and Trivia

  • Rak refers to him as Crazy Turtle.
  • Quant Blitz is Quaetro's uncle.[4]


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