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Purple Sea Urchin (보라성게군 Bolaseong-gegun) is a giant spiky Sea Urchin Shinheuh that belongs to the Lo Po Bia Candidi. As an Anima, Candidi can control an army of Sea Urchins.[1]

Appearance and Personality

It is a giant round purple ball with long spikes.


Tower of God: Part 3

Warp Gate (Arc)

When Yu Han Sung and Lo Po Bia Lefav arrived inside Lyborick Flagship to destroy the Portal, they encountered Po Bidau Lyborick Khun, Lo Po Bia Meyer and Lo Po Bia Candidi. When Lyborick want to persuade Lefav to join back with Zahard's Army, he was interrupted by Meyer and Candidi who refuse to accept traitor of the Lo Po Bia Family. Candidi quickly summoned her army of Sea Urchins to attack Hansung and Lefav from distance while Meyer will attack from close range.[1]

Powers and Abilities

The physical power of these Sea Urchins are quite destructive. With it's sharp spikes, the Sea Urchins attacked the enemies by smashing and slamming their body to the ground like meteor. Even Advanced Ranker like Yu Han Sung had to dodge and evade the body slam attack.

However, High Rankers like Kallavan can easily destroy these purple sea urchins with the power of Essence of Bravery.[2]




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