Prince of the Red-light District (홍등가의 왕자, 紅燈街의 王子, Hongdeunga-eui Wangja) is a derogatory term used to name some of the Tower inhabitants who have inherited the blood of Zahard.[1]


According to Rachel's mysterious informer,[2] their existence is a shame to the King of the Tower who regards them as his "worst disgrace" and has tried ever since to hide them.[1] Likewise, Hwa Ryun spoke of one of them as "the most terrible affair left by the Ten Great Families and Zahard".[3]



Zahard Symbol on Wangnan's Ring

They bear a red ring engraved with the symbol of Zahard. The rings were crafted from half of the Key of the Tower.[1] Thus, it is said that only when all Princes gather on the 135th Floor, then this floor may be conquered.[1]

Powers and Abilities

They are said to carry a power which they were not meant to hold.[1]

As both of the known ring bearers have proved they could ignore death to some extent,[4][5] some readers speculate they are covered by Zahard's immortality contract to some degree.




Notes and Trivia

  • Officially, Zahard does not acknowledge any Prince.[9][2]
  • The story of the Princes shall be gradually revealed.[2]
  • SIU suggested that the Zahard's symbol bearing ring might be made of clotted blood.[11]
  • Jaina Repellista Zahard stated that the time had come for "them"[12] to appear.[13] She might have been referring to the ring bearers. She also claimed that soon the Prince of Zahard would return, the relationship between the two princely titles remains undisclosed.
  • A Red-light district is a prostitution and sex-oriented business urban area, so is a 홍등가 in Korean.
  • There is no prince who has Zahard's blood. Formally, only Princesses who have been injected with his blood exists.[14]
  • The stories of those with the rings (Wangnan, Karaka, etc.) shall be revealed as we go on.[15]


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