Prince (프린스, Peurinseu; "Prince") is the son of the president of the company Lurker Cash and one of the members of Team Tangsooyook. He is a D-Rank Regular and a Light Bearer.

Appearance and Personality

Initially, Prince followed the classic example of the "rich jerk" character, behaving similarly to Koon but in a far less modest fashion. He preferred to use minions to do his work for him, but it was shown from his score on the World's Strongest Regular test that he himself possessed a way to draw upon a huge amount of Shinsoo. Since he scored the highest over all of his minions, he believed that he was stronger then all of them. He possessed a certain amount of team loyalty, as shown by how angry he was when he thought Rapdevil was killed and when it looked like Horyang was abandoning Viole to Urek Mazino.

However, since joining Ja Wangnan's team, he seemed to have become more modest, developing a great respect for "Devil-nim", but still overestimating himself.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

The Strongest Regular

Prince with his arm around Yeon

Prince was first seen entering the Survival Round Test on the 20th Floor with his arm around Yeon Yihwa, who looked very annoyed by it. He arrived with Kim Lurker, Rapdevil and another three unnamed Regulars from the Da-an Tribe. His father's employee, Lurker then told Ja Wangnan that Prince was a strong Regular who also managed to sneak in with hired help into the test in order to increase his chances of passing. He mocked the Regulars doing poorly on the World's Strongest Regular Contest and bet Yihwa to the first place winner in order to make things more interesting. Disgusted by this, Horyang reprimanded him and attempted to teach him a lesson by scoring first place in the test but was beaten by the hired help, Rapdevil. He was surprised by Yihwa's score, since it looked like she stumbled into the machine.

When he scored first place, he told Yihwa to be a good girl and stay by his side. Yihwa demanded a retry in anger, but was refused. Akraptor made fun of them both to inform them that the strongest Regular on this Floor was Viole. Prince was shocked by Viole's score and looked on in disbelief. When it was announced that the other seven participants would be chosen by Viole, he argued with the test examiner Mule Love and was told to shut up. He grumbled angrily about this. When Wangnan begged Viole to pick him, Prince mocked him and sneered at his lack of pride, stating how it would be better to just retake it than being forced to beg. Kim Lurker looked at him silently for this, not informing him that Wangnan would die otherwise.

When Viole announced that he would not pick any teammates and that he lived for the death of Zahard, Prince frowned and looked seriously at him. Later on it is shown that he was in the resting area for Regulars who wished to participate in the game Love said he would think of for Viole.


When he was about to bathe, he sneered at Wangnan and decided to go to the other bathing area. Wangnan smirked at him and warned him not to, saying: "Look at who's over there".

Prince was surprised to find Viole in the other bath pool, but decided to go there anyway. Kim Lurker tried to convince him not to but Prince called him a coward. Prince and his hired help entered the same bath pool as Viole. He started off by asking Viole what his name was, to which Viole replied. He went on to say that Viole wasn't anything special just because he scored first in the previous test. When Viole ignored him, he became enraged and shouted how Yihwa belonged to him and he would get her back. Viole continued to ignore him in order to ask Rapdevil something. Prince was angered by the dismissal. He followed Viole to his room, where he found out that Yihwa and him were sharing a room. After being insulted by Yihwa, he yelled that he would get back at them both.

The Untrustworthy Room

During the Trustworthy Room Test, he immediately targeted Viole. He managed to take the remote from Viole, but was easily frozen. He set off after Viole again in a rage, but was stopped by Lurker who informed him of Rapdevil's death. Prince blamed Viole and swore vengeance. In his anger he was easily tricked by two Regulars and caused Yihwa to be possessed. He fled back to his room, where he found out that Rapdevil was alive and that he had been betrayed by Lurker. Rapdevil easily disabled him, stating that real fights are not like punching a machine.

He was beaten up by Rapdevil. Lurker then showed up with a Da'an and the possessed Yihwa to gloat. When Horyang and Viole took out the aggressors outside the door, Prince took the chance to open the door for them. Horyang stayed to fight Rapdevil.

Prince was later seen to have developed a boy-crush on Horyang after the latter saved him while displaying badass strength. From a Pocket broadcasting the events in Viole's room, Prince found out that his father had spent all his money in order to rig the test, making it easier for Prince to pass. This information, combined with the knowledge of the lives his father ruined in his name, left him speechless. He was later shown celebrating with the others for passing the test.



Touched by his father's sacrifices and contributions, he resolved to work harder. He stayed with the people he passed the exam with on the 20th Floor and formed a team with them. On the 21st Floor he was exercising with Miseng for a month. He was also scouting the other teams along with Horyang before the test on the 21st Floor. Then he decided to take the test on the 21st Floor with rest of the team. During the test on the 21st Floor it was found out that the other teams ran away when they heard that Viole was on their team. Afterwards the admin decided to have a unique exam where they have to find Zygaena's flower. The flower only grew inside Zygaena.

Flower of Zygaena

The team was split into two. Prince was grouped with Horyang, Yihwa and Viole. Due to some complications and Zygaena turning over, their group was split even further with Prince and Horyang going on ahead. Inside they faced red parasites living inside Zygaena. Prince slowed them down with his three Lighthouses while Horyang fought them. They then needed to take cover as a mysterious red-eyed man landed from above. Prince was irritated by the man's attitude but Horyang yelled at him to run, sensing the man's great power. Viole appeared and challenged the man, despite Horyang's warnings. They left Viole to fight him and Prince was dissatisfied with the

Prince and horyang.png

situation since it felt like they had left Viole to fend for himself. Horyang revealed that his intention was to contact the others for backup, not run away. Despite regrouping they were unable to stop the man from severely wounding Viole, who had been protecting Miseng. The man was impressed by Viole's courage and left them the extra flower that grew. As he walked away, Horyang noticed the tattoo on his back and the team were shocked to find out that the arrogant man had been Urek Mazino.

Epilogue, Path

After the test, Prince, Wangnan, Akraptor and Horyang went out to the market to buy supplies. Akraptor poked fun at Prince who had his Lighthouses destroyed by Urek Mazino and now needed to borrow money from Viole to buy replacements. Wangnan said that it would be better not to borrow money from him since they had to leave Viole. Prince remarked that if someone had to leave the team, it should be Wangnan since he was the least useful. They argued about who wanted to climb the Tower more with Viole. Eventually the rest of them showed to Wangnan that they didn't want Viole to leave and were willing to help reunite Viole with his friends.


On the 28th Floor, he helped Goseng bind the enemy's movements, allowing Yihwa to successfully disable them.

Devil of the Right Arm

While Horyang talked about his past, he and Miseng were sleeping, having finished playing their game console for the day. Afterwards, he was seen with the rest of the group, debating about how they would meet Cassano. He

The resolve of a prince

then stayed awake waiting for 'devil-nim' and, seeing that Horyang wasn't returning, resolved to go with Akraptor, Wangnan and Yihwa to help Horyang, not remembering that they had no vehicle available. They managed to borrow a vehicle from the Yeon Family but by the time they got there, they found a pile of rubble from what used to be the Hand of Arlen. In the rubble they discovered Koon Aguero Agnis.


Team Tangyoosook nursed Koon back to health, since he was the only clue as to what happened. After the situation was explained, they all travelled to Koon's private bunker to check on his team. Koon was shocked to find his teammates gone or dead, with the word FUG written in blood on the wall. Prince, with the use of his Lighthouse, discovered that Dan was alive and they rushed him to the hospital. Afterwards they decided to team up in order to get back Viole and Horyang. Prince was annoyed at how easily Koon bossed them around but still followed his training regime. They managed to pass the 29th Floor Test thanks to Koon's directions.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

Team Tangyoosook was excited to go to the 30th Floor. Koon, Dan and Wangnan stayed at the hotel while the rest of the team went site seeing. Miseng and Prince were afraid of heights so they stayed behind when Goseng, Akraptor and Yihwa went up the light house.

One Shot, One Opportunity

Once the game began, their status was unknown. When Koon's group managed to reunite with Goseng's group, Goseng suggested looking for Prince and Miseng. Koon rejected this idea, since it would put all of the team in danger. Koon told her to trust her teammates and let them handle any trouble by themselves. It was later shown that Prince and Miseng were being held captive by Verdi from Ship Leesoo's team, who had taken a liking to them.


Prince woke up on Archimedes in a room with Miseng and was greeted by Verdi. He then rejected Verdi's offer to become one of her dolls, despite the temptation of growing stronger. However, on the day of the next round, he went to Miseng's room only to find that she had accepted Verdi's deal.

Battle x Gamble

After having being beaten by Miseng, he went out and quickly informed Akraptor and Wangnan of everything that had transpired since they last met. Akraptor wondered if Miseng had been forced, but Prince disagreed. He knew that Miseng blamed herself for losing Horyang and Viole, and wanted to become stronger to bring them back. In the interim, Miseng had defeated all the other Regulars and Akraptor and Wangnan resolved to defeat Miseng. At first Prince was reluctant, but was quickly provoked into helping by Akraptor's accusation of cowardice. 

The three of them scattered as Miseng charged towards them. Prince tried to use triple flow to block Miseng, but was easily bypassed. As Miseng swung at him, he gritted his teeth, and instead of dodging, met Miseng's attack. He then used his reel inventory as a trip wire between two of his Lighthouses and tangled Miseng's weapon, leaving Akraptor an opportunity to snatch away the flower on Miseng's head.

After the test was over, he returned with Miseng to Tangsooyook's quarters and was subject to Goseng's scolding. Verdi arrived and informed them that Miseng would be fine.


He could be seen with the other Regulars, aboard the Wolhaiksong suspendiship.


Along with Rak and Yihwa, he followed Baam and Androssi around while the two were on their 'date'. He was envious that Baam had gotten a date with a Princess.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


The Prince is back!

He was seen alongside the rest of Team Tangsooyook in the meeting held by Hwa Ryun. After she suggested that the team split away from Viole in order to get stronger, he was reluctant to accept her idea. However, after Wangnan agreed to it he accepted.

Revolution Road

Along with Akraptor and Miseng, he appeared on the Entrance floor of Train City while Beta, Aka and Moontari were combating Mirotic. After a frosty greeting from Beta, he proceeded help take down the Mirotic guardian, after Miseng pointed out the guardian's weak points.

Afterwards he travelled with everyone until they caught up with Viole and Boro. After a brief reunion with Viole and Daniel's revelation to Aka and Boro, Daniel destroyed the stairs preventing them all from following him. He eventually reached the platform with everyone else, just as the Train was leaving. He then left with everyone to go to the stadium and sort everything out.


A month after the incident at Train City, he was briefly seen going out to eat with the other members of his team.

After completing the 36th Floor test and Viole collapsing again, they were visited by Ha Jinsung who told them all to give up on chasing the Hell Express because the person who was on there was too powerful for them. As he escorted them to the 36th Floor middle area, they managed to trick him and escape via Koon's genius planning.

Wooden Horse

Team Tangsooyook rushed to get to the Wooden Horse station as fast as they could. On their way, Koon, Rak and Viole jet ahead by riding on shinsoo.

Much later, Prince alongside Miseng, Akraptor, Quaetro and Chang found themselves trapped inside a cage on board the Hell Express.

The Dallar Show

Having been imprisoned for a month, Prince started raging about his current predicament, screaming to be set free. Wondering what was going on with Viole and the others, he then noticed something move down below him.

Later, he and others found out they were the hostages to be used for the final round of the Dallar Show. In the first round Prince was the first hostage; Viole quickly saved him at the cost of 40 dallars. Prince later watched as Viole on to defeat Hoaqin and win the Dallar Show. When boiling acid suddenly started pouring into the arena, Prince and the others managed to escape thanks to the arrival of Ha Yuri Zahard.

Yuri Jahad

He was there while they all rested.

The 'Name Hunt' Station

He and the others helped to clear the 38F stage test.

Later, after Wangnan's decision to split from Viole and go his own way, Prince and the rest of Team Tangsooyook left to go after Cassano.


Executing a plan where he and Miseng befriended and allied with Hoaqin, they all played their roles while Wangnan and Akraptor went to catch Cassano. With Prince assuring Miseng that Wangnan would be fine, Hoaqin suddenly wondered aloud which of the two he should eat. Prince got defensive and exclaimed that if Hoaqin betrayed them, he'd never get out. However, Hoaqin revealed it didn't matter as he was just trying to make them fall into despair. Drawing close to Prince, Hoaqin told him that he'd be taking one of them with him before asking once more which of the two he should eat. In the end, Prince sacrificed himself and let Hoaqin consume him to allow Miseng to survive.

Powers and Abilities

Prince was one of the weaker members of his team but still possessed decent abilities and could wield at least 3 Lighthouses. Also, despite being a Light Bearer, he could also take the role of a Fisherman with his equipment. During the Workshop Battle, when facing a possessed Miseng who was seemingly unstoppable, Prince remembered Akraptor's lecture to him and was able to counter her strength, and even overwhelm her,[3] highlighting the potential strength he possessed. Prince carried a purple needle and a pair of floating claw-like blades.

Body Reinforcement: As shown by his score in the Strongest Regular Test, he could use Shinsoo to increase his strength quite well.[4]

Triple Field: Prince could create an immobilising field from his three Lighthouses at once. He seemed very proud of this skill, although apparently it was only average for a Light Bearer.[5][3]

Bora Bora Catch: By connecting two of his Lighthouses with a thread from his reel inventory, he could bind the opponent.

Potential Power Control: After the Workshop Battle he studied on how to increase his potential power at once without losing control. After asking Verdi for some help, he gained knowledge of a special seed that allowed him to do so. Thus, after constant training for a year, he became able to use his potential power without losing control.[6] It was still a little unstable however.[6]


Jyu Viole Grace: At first their relationship was largely antagonistic, since Prince was outraged that he lost the Shinsoo Strengthening Competition. Throughout the Trustworthy Room Test, he thought primarily of getting revenge on Viole. However, as they got to know each other, he became more friendly towards Viole, though they still don't have much interaction in everyday life.

Kang Horyang: At first, Prince thought Horyang was just an ordinary Regular and enjoyed putting him down, such as in the Shinsoo Strengthening Competition. But once he saw Horyang easily best Rapdevil, the alleged "Devil of the Right Arm", then he started idolising Horyang, addressing him as "Devil-nim". The two of them fought together in an effective combination, Prince slowing down enemies or aiding Horyang, and Horyang defeating them. Horyang himself commented that it was difficult fighting without a Lighthouse aiding him.

Ja Wangnan: Their relationship started and remained a little antagonistic. However, while it began as malicious arrogance, it was soon reduced to insignificant quarrels on inconsequential things such as their team name. 

Yeo Miseng: At first he was indifferent to her, not really acknowledging her existence. However, since the 21st Floor, they developed a relationship akin to brother and sister. They both had the same mental maturity and they were both seen playing game consoles and doing other childish activities with each other. Their relationship had developed to the point that Prince would happily give up his own life to save hers.[7]

Yeon Yihwa: Initially he treated her as if she was his property regardless of the fact she was from the Yeon Family, something that displeased Yihwa enough. After Viole won the bet where he beat Prince and gained the release of Yihwa, Yihwa told Prince it was unpleasant to be affiliated with him, which angered Prince. After teaming, they began to have a good relationship although Prince did not care that she was a member of the 10 Great Families.

Hon Akraptor: They had a good relationship, although sometimes Akraptor mocked the fact that Prince was the son of a moneylender.

Koon Aguero Agnis: Prince disliked Koon's bossy nature and how Koon seemed to easily take control of the team when he entered it. However, he acknowledged that Koon knew what was best for the team and followed his directions.


  • (To Rapdevil) "But, are aren't you forgetting something? Think, idiot. If I beat you here, your plan goes kaput, right? From where did you all get the confidence to make a plan like this. You weaklings!!"[8]
  • (To Kang Horyang) "Are you telling me to be concerned for those who're going to fail right now? Stop annoying me on my date and buzz off. Before you get beat up."[9]
  • (To Yeon Yihwa) "Climb the Tower by borrowing the strength of others? No, that's not it. They're borrowing my power to climb. So just sit quietly by my side."[4]
  • (To Ja Wangnan about Viole) "Darn!! Then why do you want to kick him out!? To keep our team out of danger? Did you become a coward after you met that hip hop freak?!! Why didn't you tell us that Viole has to pass the test? Because we might scared and run away? Do you think we are all selfish cowards?!!"[10]
  • (Talking about Miseng to Ja Wangnan and Hon Akraptor) "She thinks that it's her fault that lord devil and Viole left. So she thought that they would come back if she became stronger. She still remembers the day when she was thrown away by her previous team because she was weak. Stupid.."[11]

Notes and Trivia

  • Prince's score for the World's Strongest Shinsoo Test was not modified.
  • He seemed to admire strength (though not in Viole's case, possibly because of jealousy).
  • Although Prince is a rapid-growth character, the other characters develop so fast that he unfortunately doesn't seems to be. SIU actually don't want to make him very strong. Strong and cool characters are good, but he also like human characters who break easily, so he want to draw both kinds in an attractive way.[12]

Alternate Translations

  • (Korean pronunciation) Peu-rin-seu



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