Giant Eel Thing

Baam meets the Second Floor Guardian.

Unconscious, Baam has a flashback to when Rachel told him about the top of the Tower, the Zahard crest engraved above them. He wakes up, and Koon tells him that the Position Tests started two days ago, but the Wave Controller instructor couldn’t turn up so the tests for Wave Controllers were postponed.

Baam asks Koon about Rachel and Koon lies to Baam, as he promised Rachel, and says that the girl wasn’t actually Rachel. Baam doesn’t believe Koon, but leaves it, and heads to the Wave Controller classroom.

They are greeted by Yuga, who goes on to describe shinsoo. The class then make a contract with the Guardian. The Guardian makes the contract with Baam, parting with the warning that “this was not his power but his shackle”.

In the Spear Bearer training area, Yu Bok-Dol challenges them to hit a target far away, and if they succeed within four days they automatically pass. Rak steps up and fails completely and the target is broken by Akryung.

After some days, Baam had just finished another of his shinsoo classes when Laure demonstrates the difference in talent between Ho and Baam and the importance it plays. Baam goes back to his room with Koon when they are approached by Leesoo and Hatsu, who are trying to make friends. The negotiations quickly deteriorate as they insult each other.
Rachel's dream

Rachel's dream

Their stories get out of hand, as Hatsu affirms that he would commit Halbok if he ordered the wrong instant noodle for his father and Koon tells stories about people on his Floor wearing at least 5-6 earrings. Baam interrupts them, agreeing to become friends, despite Koon's protests that they were just trying to fill a quota. Recalling Rachel's words on how lonely Baam was, Koon agrees and also signs the sheet.

In the night, Rachel has a dream of being among the starry night and sees Baam in the distance. She beckons towards him but he turns away to his friends. She wakes up crying.


Position Test
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