Position Selection is the sixth episode of Season 1 of the Tower of God anime.

Official Synopsis

What will Khun do after meeting Rachel? The position selection begins, and despite struggling with their assignments, the examinees grow closer. Meanwhile, someone watches them and ruminates from afar... [1]

Detailed Summary

Adapted from crunchyroll recap

First, we find out what Rachel wants from Khun — for him to lie to Bam and say she's not really Rachel. Bam knows it's really her and struggles with the information lie Khun just told him. But of course, being the good friend that he is, Khun changes his tactics and starts dropping hints for Bam to know exactly how to win Rachel over in the long run. What a guy.

We learn about the Position assignments — where each Regular will be stationed in battle according to their skills. The Fisherman fights up-close-and-personal. The Spear Bearer is a ranged fighter. The Light Bearer is the strategist. The Scout is recon. The Wave Controllers are the Shinsu users. These are the positions the Regulars will be given in battle based on their performance in the test. Despite being asleep in a hospital bed for days, Bam didn't need to take a test to find his position — he's the Wave Controller.

Hatsu and Shibisu make friends with Bam and Khun — the Scout test requires students to make nine friends in a week. Anaak won't be joining this newfound friendship. Not just because she is now in possession of the Black March, but because she unilaterally decided to dissolve her own team. Endorsi finally reveals her name as she introduces herself to the Regulars and Bam convinces her to become friends with Hatsu and Shibisu, too.

Oh, but the big, big reveal: Anaak is not Anaak. The Anaak who was formerly a Princess of Jahad is dead. This little green lizard girl is her orphan daughter climbing the Tower to exact revenge on the Princesses of Jahad for the murder of her father, the infamous chicken pie chef.



Changes from Webtoon

Show / Hide Changes
  • It is not explicitly shown which character is in which position. Also, there's no mention of who is the "Best Seed" from each position.
  • The scene where Bam goes to Rachel's room is an anime only scene.
  • Khun and Hatz banter about earrings is considerably shorter.
  • Bam's reasoning to accept the friend request is shorter.
  • Yuga's threat (that he could kill everyone in the room with shinsu) in the Wave Controller class doesn't happen.
  • Yuga's Shinsu explanation is considerably shorter. There's no mention of how items that use Shinsu can be used because they were permitted by the Floor Administrator in the Workshop.
  • There's no mention of how Pocket rank influences in how many floors you can make a contract with the floor Administrator (E Rank can make it up to the 40th floor).
  • Lauroe didn't realize that he already made a contract in the anime, having doing it in his sleep rather than consciously, like in the webtoon.
  • The scene in the webtoon where Lauroe and Hoh discuss what is talent, where Bam makes a ball of shinsu in one try while Hoh can only make smallish harmless balls of shinsu, is omitted. Hoh, in the anime, pretends to be talented and calls Bam weak to Lauroe, and drops the facade when he enters his room.
  • Bam's interaction with Hwa Ryun on the Wave Controller class is an anime only scene.
  • The Spear Bearer class is shorter, there being no mention how hitting the target in four days makes you automatically pass the position test.
  • Rak is not shown throwing and missing the target in his first attempt. It is implied by him "leaving to the wild".
  • The pillars from the fisherman class are different.
  • The Light Bearer class is considerably shorter.
  • Deod is controlled more in the webtoon by Endorsi, whilst in the anime is just one attack.

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