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Portal (포털, Poteol) is a type of Shinsu Warp Device that are way more advanced than normal Warp Device which commonly used on the Floating Ships. The Portal itself is like a giant circular door or a ring-shaped gate,[1] hence also known as the "Warp Gate" (워프 게이트, Wopeu Gate).[2][3]

Portal have several big advantages, one of them is "flexibility" or "mobility", meaning that the device can be moved around to different location.[2] Portal can also be used to Warp many giant-size floating ships at once.

Lo Po Bia Family

Lo Po Bia Family is the first great family ever seen to operate and utilize massive size portal which were used in the Battle of The Nest. They have set up 2 Portals inside The Nest as a preparation for war.

Portal 1

The first portal owned by Lo Po Bia Family is currently located inside the Lyborick's Flagship.[1][3] The original or initial location of this portal has been changed because it was moved or transported by Corps Commander Po Bidau Lyborick Khun himself. Lyborick carried the portal inside his warship under the order of Lo Po Bia Family.[2]

Portal 2

The second portal owned by Lo Po Bia Family is currently located inside The Cat Tower. The original or initial location of this portal has also been changed by an unknown "insider" / "spy" in the 5th Army Corp. The existence of this portal is highly classified, even Corps Commander Lo Po Bia Yasratcha did not know about this portal.[2]


Alternative Translation

  • Warp Gate (워프 게이트)[2]



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