Pompidou (퐁피두, Pongpidu), known also as Hongjo (홍조, Hongjo), is a D-rank Regular and Light Bearer that participated in the tournament at Train City as part of Bero Bero's team. He is currently aboard the Hell Express with the rest of his teammates and is participating in the Dallar Show game as part of Viole's team.

Appearance and Personality

He appears to be a bipedal, human-sized avian (similar to Gyetang). He has red feathers, a large beak and wears brown clothing.

Pompidou seems to be fairly perceptive.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Revolution Road

He appeared alongside his team leader Bero Bero and watched as Baam's team fought against Ha Yura's team in the first tournament game, "Crazy Yellow Ball". When Baam managed to defeat Yura, Bero Bero asked him how Baam managed to do so with Pompidou replying that it had something to do with Yura's shinsoo resistance-enhancing suitcase now being gone.

Wooden Horse

Pompidou and his teammates were at the Wooden Horse station when the Hell Train arrived and also watched as a strange white person decimated a multitude of D-rank Regulars.

Later, 10 minutes before the train departed, he and his team rushed towards the train in an attempt to board. However lightning began to rain down from somewhere before another set of Regulars arrived. At that, the Regulars began brawling on the stairs into the train but were interrupted when everyone at the station was teleported into the Hell Train.

A Month

Pompidou was present when Angel and the Mad Dog attacked them as well as the events that followed, involving Hoaqin, Vicente and Ja Wangnan.

A month later, Pompidou was with the rest of the group when they reached the 4th stage in time for the game.

The Dallar Show

Pompidou watched the first round of the Dallar Show game as Team Viole cruised to victory. In the second round, he was partnered with Bero Bero and Yeon Yihwa. During this time, they encountered Angel and the Mad Dog but tried to escape instead. However he ended up saved Yihwa from being skewered by Angel and told Yihwa he would protect her.

Powers and Abilities

He can assumed to be powerful as he is a D-rank Regular participating in the tournament at Train City. He was also able to discern how Baam was able to overcome Ha Yura's defences.[1]

He was capable of fighting Angel for a little and blocked her weapon from piercing Yihwa with his Talons before letting go and realizing he can't fly.

Despite his wings, Hongjo cannot fly.[2]


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