Poken (포켄) is a FUG executive and one of Karaka's subordinates.

Appearance and Personality

Poken appears as a wispy shadow-like being with a vaguely rabbit-shaped head, similar to Headon.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Epilogue, Path

Unknown to Karaka

Poken speaking with Karaka

Poken was tasked by Karaka to gather some trustworthy Regulars and to keep watch, in secret, on Jyu Viole Grace's teammates. If they showed any suspicious behaviour, Poken was to kill them all.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

The Truth

After speaking with Reflejo, one of the trustworthy Regulars he had sent to keep watch on Jyu Viole Grace, Poken gave Reflejo permission to kill all of Viole's teammates as Viole had broken the rules first.


After Ha Jinsung left Karaka's hideout, Poken appeared and told Karaka that the Submerged Fish had replied. Realising that Viole would soon become a D-Rank Regular and considering the existence of the Hell Express, Karaka instructed Poken to make sure not to make any more mistakes.

Powers and Abilities

It is unknown how powerful Poken is, although his status as a FUG executive and Karaka's most seen subordinate could mean he is relatively powerful. However, it is known that he is able to grant people a part of his 'shadow'.[1] People that possess part of his shadow are able to augment their powers many times over at the cost of destroying their body.[2]


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