Points are one of the Tower's main monetary units. It is almost exclusively depicted as a digital currency, as a person can use a Pocket to perform a transaction to a third party. Points are mostly used by Regulars and Rankers.[1]


Vol 2 Ch 203 Point transference

Point transference

Since the Tower is so large, each area has their own currency units but among the Regulars and the Rankers, they use Points. SIU labels points as a very loosely defined concept for a currency, however, they can be bought using official regional currencies. Of course, they can be exchanged as well. Since each region of the Tower has their own values for currency, the exchange rate changes depending on where you go.[1]

Yet in most regions, having 100,000,000 Points would mean a person is "filthy rich", unless said person is near the regions where the Great Families are based (because currency worth differs); that said, 100,000,000 Points is a huge amount of money in the Tower. With such amount of money, a Regular can ditch the Tests, go into the Middle Tower and live out the rest of their days rich.[1]

Among High Rankers, these individuals tend to be extremely wealthy compared to other Rankers. For example, Ha Jinsung is considered to be extremely wealthy for paying 10 billion Points for a Regular during the Festival that takes place at the Name Hunt Station.[2]

Notes and Trivia

  • Ha Ruda claimed one could buy a whole fleet of floating islands for 10 billion Points.[2]


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