Pocket1 - Copy

The A-grade Pocket given to Baam

Pockets (포켓, poket, "Pocket") are devices that provide a variety of functions that aid Regulars and Rankers in the Tower.


Yi pocket1

Yu Han Sung's Pocket

Pockets are currently manufactured by the Workshop. Pockets were first made by Macseth, the Great Father of the Workshop. They are made from high purity Suspendium so they are capable of floating in areas of high Shinsoo density.

Pockets are classified by their ranks from E-grade to A-grade. An A-grade Pocket is extremely expensive. Every Regular receives an E-grade Pocket when entering the Tower. This E-grade Pocket can be used to make the Shinsoo Contract with the Floor Guardians till the 40th Floor, when they start climbing the Tower. Pockets have different functions according to their ranks. The basic Pockets are round shaped which are produced by The Workshop. However, one can have them custom made. Both Yu Han Sung and Augusgus possesses customised pockets.


Augusgus pocket1

Augusgus' Pocket which is a scroll

A Pocket enables the wearer to understand the different languages spoken in the Tower by translating them all into Macsethian. It appears the Pocket possesses a number of other abilities such as a timer and communication function.[1]

When told "Invisible Mode", the Pocket can be concealed from view. And with the command "Visible mode" it will once again become visible. It seems that the Pocket must be in visible mode to form a contract with a Guardian, which is initiated with "Contract with the Guardian". When the Contract is completed, the Pocket will then display "Contract complete".[2]

For all Regulars, Pockets are very important as they allow contracts to be formed with the Guardian on each Floor. This is because every Position has to learn how to use Shinsoo.[3]


  • Enables one to meet with a Guardian to attempt to make a contract.
  • Points-based financial transaction.
  • Invisible/Visible modes.
  • Light source.
  • Phone function.
  • Private communication mode where only certain people are able to listen in or communicate with one another, without anyone else hearing.
  • Timer function.
  • Tracking function.
  • Translating languages.
  • Transmitting messages.
  • User's identification.
  • Storing objects.[4]
  • Write notes or diary.[5][6]
  • Multicall function.[7]
  • Record voice messages.

Notes and Trivia

  • Although Lighthouses can be used as Pockets in emergencies, they don't have the same level of simultaneous translation functionalities that Pockets have. It is more a symbolism problem than a function problem. A Pocket, in a way, is a kind of 'license' that confirms one's status as a Regular.[8]


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