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Po Bidau Lyborick Khun (포 비더 라이볼릭 쿤, Po Bideo Laibollig Kun) is a High Ranker from the Po Bidau Family and the Khun Family. He is the newly appointed Corps Commander of the 4th Army Corp of Zahard's Army after Kallavan was demoted.[1]


By the Age of Coexistence, Lyborick was already an elite member of the Zahard's Army. Khun Hynd Luch sought him out to save his friends in the Hidden Grove from FUG's grand assassination plan to ambush King Zahard in his sleep which would be led by Khel Hellam, believing that FUG cannot defeat Zahard and such a plan will only end up as a suicide mission. Luch then leaked out the intel of FUG's plan to Lyborick as the price to spare his friends' life. Lyborick, of course, accepted the information and promised Luch that he would save them. He told Luch to guide his friends to a location he promised would be safe during the day of FUG's assault towards King Zahard led by Khel Hellam was finally initiated, where they would be captured, but while he kept his promise to ensure their safety, he never intended to release them. Waiting for them with his spear and lightning shinsu ready, Lyborick defeated and captured them all and had his men take them to prison, making them hostages to make Khun Hynd Luch do dirty work on his behalf for a very long time.[2] Before the Battle of the Nest, Lyborick called Luch once again with the intention for a final job for him to get rid of the old 4th Army Corp by exploding the flagship, promising to truly release the Hidden Grove this time and assuring him that it will be the last time, knowing fully well it will kill him anyway.

Lyborick stated that he primarily works for the Zahard's Army behind the screens and carries out the dirty work, which prevents him from achieving any significant feats in battle and acquiring a high rank despite his naturally considerable abilities. It was only when the order to destroy the Po Bidau Family was given that he was given the position of a Squadron Commander as the leader of the new 4th Army Corp that will consolidate the alliance between the Lo Po Bia Family, Khun Family, and Zahard's Army to stop the Po Bidau Family. The contrasting nature of his former low rank to his sudden ascension makes him quite mysterious, as Ha Cheonhee did not know much about him.[3] The Corps Commander of 5th Army Corp, Lo Po Bia Yasratcha could not find any information about his past or any of his achievements and stated all that was known was that he worked with the Commander In Chief of the Zahard Army Adori Zahard directly and was a trusted subordinate of hers.

Appearance and Personality

469 lyborick discuss.png

Lyborick is a tall, big build man with short purple hair with green eyes. He wears some kind of headband that keeps his hair combed back. He wears a dark grey vest and a long sleeve shirt with a diamond pattern.

Although not much is known about Lyborick, he is shown to speak in a formal tone and has no hesitations using leverage over others, as he bluntly told Dowon that the survivors of the Hidden Grove are currently being held hostage and would be killed if she opposes them. Indeed, while he kept his word of ensuring the safety of the Hidden Grove, instead of freeing them like he promised Luch, he instead took them into custody and used them as leverage to make him do dirty works and only ultimately lived up completely to his bargain when he wanted to throw aside Luch for good anyway by sending him to a suicide mission. He is more than willing to admonish what he sees as flaws, criticizing fellow Corps Commander Lo Po Bia Yasratcha for not finishing Baylord Yama off, showing he takes the threat of FUG seriously. At the same time, he is shown to be willing to reward success, as he congratulated Kallavan for successfully bringing Dowon and promoted him to Company Commander. Typical for the Khun Family, Lyborick is shown to be crafty and cunning, as he was able to detect something suspicious about the Canine People being so confident in their ability to win the battle, connecting it to the possibility that the canine people found a counter to Yasratcha's power.

Lyborick's cunning was further shown when he deduced that FUG was going to use The Cage for a special reason. He was willing to sacrifice the entire Corps to destroy The Cage, although it was part of his plan and schemes to destroy the old 4th Army Corp which consist of Kallavan's servants and set an excuse that they should be disposed of since they were more loyal to Kallavan than King Zahard. He showed no remorse or hesitation and totally reformed the new 4th Army Corp from scratch with stronger members who were more loyal to Zahard, his callousness even shocking and unnerving the likes of Yasratcha, who is sadistic in his own right. Lyborick himself is also shown to be a Zahard fanatic, as he made it clear he saw the Army as naturally being only for disposable fanatics utterly loyal to Zahard and he didn't even care when Kallavan threatened to kill him should his men die for nothing and that Kallavan could possibly take back his position as Squadron Commander, merely telling Kallavan that he could come kill him if the plan failed and take his position and sounding completely unconcerned at the possibility of Kallavan being promoted back to Squadron Commander if he did leave behind his men to perish. Even after the plan completely fell apart, Lyborick showed complete confidence that with him and the new 4th Squadron around, they could still win the battle and confidently promised to take responsibility should a problem came from it, even impressing Maschenny with his confidence. Lyborick did admit he was disappointed in Kallavan for turning against him rather than continuing to oppose FUG before settling their disputes, stating he had high expectations for the man.

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Tower of God: Part 3

The Nest

After Kallavan successfully brings Dowon back to the Corps, Lyborick praises him for his good work and restores him to the 4th Army Corp with the position of Company Commander. He then tells Dowon she should not even think of trying anything, as they brought the survivors of the Hidden Grove, who had been defeated decisively by Zahard, and promised to let them go if she is loyal to them.

Lyboric is later seen with Khun Maschenny Zahard and Lo Po Bia Yasratcha as he scolds Lo Po Bia Yasratcha for not finishing off Baylord Yama, saying that regardless of the order, he should have killed him before going to The Nest.

The Intrusion

When Yama and the Cage enters the First Defensive Wall, Lyborick tells Yasratcha that his Squadron will handle the First Defensive Wall and that the 5th Squadron should stay in the Second Defensive Wall, noting that their confidence in attacking the Nest indicates they had discovered a way to resist Yasratcha's power, and stating that the reinforcements of the Lo Po Bia Family are all among the most powerful who even a Slayer would have a hard time against.

VS. Kallavan

When the Slayer White returns to full power and fights Kallavan, Lyborick calmly reveals his plan to destroy the 4th Army Corps Flagship near the Cage to destroy it, anticipating that they were planning something with the Cage especially as it was moving so slowly. He contacts Kallavan and gives him the order to stop the High Rankers there and make sure the Flagship explodes while appeasing his concerns that a lot of their soldiers will be killed by revealing that he has stationed a new generation of the 4th Army Corp even stronger than the old one. He smirks when Kallavan approves but promises to kill him should it fail and the soldiers die for nothing, saying that Kallavan can come and kill him if it does fail but before that he must fulfill his duty as he allows Kallavan to break the seal on his arm. Lyborick then tells Luch to explode the flagship, having proven that he has truly released the Hidden Grove to Luch's own eyes.

Lyborick later confirms to Yasratcha that he has planned from the beginning to get rid of the old 4th Army Corp, as they were more loyal to Kallavan than to Zahard and thus don't belong to the Army, which he believes should be composed solely of disposable fanatics to Zahard, and states that this is also a test for Kallavan: If he abandons his followers to die, thus proving his loyalty to Zahard, he can potentially regain his old post, but if he doesn't, then he will be disposed.

When his plans to destroy the Cage along with the flagship was foiled by Baam, Lyborick was visibly stunned as the Irregular displayed the ability to teleport the needle launcher and the entire Canine People.

The Second Defensive Wall

Despite the failure of his grand plan, Lyborick remained confident that the battle was guaranteed to be a victory for the Army as the 4th Army Corp had been destroyed and replaced and assured Maschenny that he would take responsibility if anything happened. Lyborick was then coldly interrupted by Yasratcha, who reminded him that the Second Wall was meant to be under his command and Lyborick would be following his orders. Agreeing, Lyborick proceeded to leave along with Yasratcha.

As Yasratcha revealed the game of the Cat Tower, Lyborick commented on how pointless the game was but decided to participate anyway, sending the Division Commanders of his new 4th Army Corp.

A Dark Twist

As Kallavan had arrived near the finishing line and only had to wait for an ally to arrive, Lyborick watched displeased and admitted that he was very disappointed that Kallavan would challenge him, stating that he had high expectations for the former Squadron Commander and yet he broke that expectation just after losing his troops. He stated even if Kallavan were to arrive, it would not change anything as everything that is happening is by the will of the "Great Man" and compared to him, he and Kallavan are nothing.

The One High Above

As the Portal to the Lo Po Bia's Mothership activated, Lyborick quickly greeted Lo Po Bia Meyer and Lo Po Bia Candidi as the new Division Commanders of the 4th Army Corp where he assured them that they did not need to act that respectful towards him as they were strong enough to be considered inevitable Branch Heads and confirmed he was the one selected to be the man to lead the alliance between the Zahard Army, Lo Po Bia Family, and Khun Family in the upcoming abruption as well as challenge and supress the threat of the Po Bidau Family.

When Yu Han Sung and Lo Po Bia Lefav arrived on his ship, Lyborick sarcastically mused on how Lefav betrayed the army to survive, only to arrive there to be killed by him.

Warp Gate

Lyborick wondered on Lefav returning here after she betrayed the Army to survive, appearing to consider offering her a second chance, but was interrupted by Candidi and Meyer, as they wished to take care of the traitor of their family themselves. Despite respecting their wishes early on, eventually Lyborick decided to personally intervene, easily defeating and incapacitating Lefav with a single electric spear, sarcastically apologizing to the "kiddos" as he couldn't stop himself from shooting down the "flies".

He then flew to the incapacitated Lefav, telling her that her abilities as a sniper are truly remarkable in that she can incapacitate many powerful High Rankers with a single shot and he was interested in such abilities as it would help in the coming war with the Po Bidau Family and FUG. With that, Lyborick offered Lefav a second chance, stating she could join the 4th Army Corp and Lyborick would ensure her punishment was light, sarcastically reminding her that she could easily betray them like she once did the Army. Suddenly, Kallavan finally arrived on his location, surprising him. As Kallavan easily took out his subordinates, Lyborick watched with cold calculating eyes, preparing for the fight between them.

Before Kallavan could finish off Candidi and Myer, Lyborick clapped and admitted to being impressed with Kallavan's abilities, stating that even with his rank having dropped, his fighting ability that sufficed for the position of Squadron Commander remained as potent as ever. He then offered Kallavan the position of Division Commander and even the authority to single-handedly manage his operations and division if he returned to the 4th Army Corp, believing there was still much the new 4th Army Corp needed to do and they would be better off not fighting. Disappointed by Kallavan's refusal, Lyborick lamented that he would lose such a powerful soldier before summoning a lightning spear and attacking Kallavan by having it home on him. Unimpressed when Kallavan easily caught and threw it back at him, Lyborick mocked Kallavan's aim, stating he wasn't good with a spear at all, only for Kallavan to suddenly appear before him to engage him in close-combat.

Despite this, Lyborick reacted in time to avoid the attack, and he easily blocked Kallavan's subsequent punch. Realizing that Kallavan underestimated him due to his lack of knowledge, Lyborick remarked on how reckless the attack is, stating that he was severely being underestimated. Lyborick then corrected Kallavan's beliefs by saying that he climbed to his current position purely through his own skill and proved it by punching Kallavan back, dazing him. He admitted that his ranking was indeed low and that he had no significant battle achievements, but that was because he was doing the dirty work and his strength qualified as he struck Kallavan with his spear. He sarcastically commented on Kallavan's analysis of his lightning spear technique as being a simple imitation, asking him if it was weaker, and remained unfazed as Kallavan decided to take things seriously.

Powers of Abilities

481 lyborick spear.jpg

While Lyborick was not a high-ranking member of Zahard's Army, it is only because he used to do the dirty work for the higher ups. Being a High Ranker with the position of a Squadron Commander of the Zahard's Army, chosen for the rank purely for his own abilities, Lyborick is acknowledged by SIU himself to be extremely powerful.[4] In the past during the Age of Coexistence, he was powerful enough to have captured the remaining members of the Hidden Grove team (excluding Cha and Dowon since they were already sealed at that time).[2] He is likely much stronger than Khun Hynd Luch, who would not dare challenge him even while being enraged by his betrayal and taking the Hidden Grove members hostage. His strength is also great enough to be single-handedly entrusted with the responsibility of guarding the highly important portal to the Lo Po Bia Mothership, along with being confident he would be able to handle Kallavan if it came to it. After effortlessly overpowering Lo Po Bia Lefav, who Lo Po Bia Meyer acknowledged to still be a High Ranker even without her special bullets, Meyer considered his strength to be terrifying. While fighting a weakened Kallavan when he underestimated him, Lyborick quickly proved able to pressure him, with Kallavan considering him to be a worthy opponent to use his full power against.


  • Flight: Lyborick is able to levitate in mid-air and move through the air with ease.
  • Spear Expert: Appearing to be a Spear Bearer, Lyborick is shown to be highly accurate with his spear-throws. He was able to casually hit Lefav with a lightning spear while she was moving at high speeds and accurately aim it to only incapacitate but not seriously injure her despite her resilience at the moment being weaker than a normal Ranker.
  • Immense Strength: Lyborick is extremely physically strong enough to completely neutralize a powerful Essence of Bravery enhanced punch from Kallavan with his bare hands and then deliver a blow strong enough to leave him stunned. He was also able to stab Kallavan with enough force to send him flying a good distance away.
  • Immense Speed & Reflexes: He is tremendously fast and possesses extreme reflexes, being able to react in time to Kallavan's surprise attack and then easily catch his punch mid-landing.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Expertise: Though primarily a Spear Bearer, when pushed, Lyborick is also capable of fighting unarmed with decent skill, able to handle Kallavan's sudden close-range assault with ease when he recklessly underestimated him.

Shinsu Skills

Shinsu Quality


Lyborick wields the typical lightning shinsu quality of the Khun Family.[2] While he did not have the ability to create a spear made out of lightning, Lyborick developed his own technique that has him inject tremendous amounts of lightning shinsu into a spear and then use it like a lightning spear. Even Kallavan admitted his technique far exceeded most Lightning Spear Bearers.

  • Unnamed Homing Spear Technique: Lyborick throws a spear that is capable of homing on the target and pursuing them if they avoided it at first glance. It's noted to be quite fast and though not intimidating to someone of Kallavan's level, in a fixed space, it's enough to be an annoyance.


  • Zahard: Lyborick is shown to be an extremely devoted soldier of Zahard, considering all members of the Army, including himself, as disposable zealots for the King's will. In addition, Lyborick and Zahard had worked together in the final days of the Age of Genesis, where Lyborick dealt with the Hidden Grove while Zahard crushed Team Khel Hellam and despite the Po Bidaus having been branded traitors, Lyborick remained loyal to Zahard and was not persecuted, showing the King at least trusted Lyborick enough to allow him to collaborate with him personally and appreciated his competence enough to exclude him.
  • Adori Zahard: Lyborick was apparently a close and trusted subordinate of the Commander-In-Chief of the Zahard's Army and she trusted him enough to appoint him as the new Corps Commander of the 4th Army Corp and even agreed with him to destroy Kallavan's troops and replace them with his own stronger sodliers.
  • Khun Maschenny Zahard: Lyborick refers to Maschenny with formal respect and familiarity, indulging her in his plans in handling the battle at the First Defensive Wall and ensuring her he was ready to handle the situation after his grand plan failed. Maschenny herself seems to be somewhat amused and impressed with Lyborick's competence.
  • Lo Po Bia Yasratcha: Lyborick and Yasratcha do not have a good relationship. The distaste and lack of actual respect appears mostly one-sided on Yasratcha's part as Lyborick still refers to the fellow Corp Commander with formal respect in comparison to Yasratcha's barely repressed lack of regard for him and accepts his authority over the Second Defensive Wall, even sending in his Division Commanders to help in his game, but at the same time Lyborick appears to disapprove of Yasratcha's casual attitude, admonishing him for not finishing off Yama right away and commenting in private that his game would be a waste of time when they could just engage in all-out battle with FUG.
  • Kallavan: Although Lyborick was Kallavan's replacement as the leader of the 4th Army Corps, he seemed to have no disrespect or distaste for Kallavan's failure that lead to it, as he was quick to promote him into the Company Commander position after he completed his mission. Even when it's revealed that Lyborick intended to destroy Kallavan's old soldiers, it's shown that Lyborick surprisingly respects Kallavan's power and competence, as Kallavan was the only one he did not immediately dispose of, instead entrusting Kallavan to ensure his plan succeeds, and even sounding unbothered over the possibility of Kallavan regaining his old position, along with being disappointed that Kallavan would immediately turn against him rather than deal with FUG first as he should have.

Notes and Trivia

  • He was first mentioned in Vol.3 Ch.39, but had his first appearance in Vol.3 Ch.51.
  • Although he is from both the Po Bidau and Khun family, his main family is the Po Bidau family, since this is the name that is first used. This is similar to how Zahard's Princesses will use their original family name first and then add Zahard at the end.
  • Given that both the family leaders of his families are male, he can at best be a first-generation member of one of the families.

Alternate Translations

  • Poe Bidau Lyborick Khun (Line)



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