The Po Bidau Family (포 비더 가문, Po Bideo Gamun) is one of the 10 Great Families led by Po Bidau Gustang.


After Gustang stole the Zahard's Bracelet in the Hidden Floor through special Shinheuh, the Treasure Eating Stingray, for the first time in centuries King Zahard issued the new Three Orders. One of the order requires the destruction of the Po Bidau Family. Gustang who has already expected such an obvious reaction from Zahard, had evacuated some of his family on board the great Po Bidau Family Floating Castle. Before the Floating Castle went into hiding, it Warped right in front of Ha Cheonhee's Warship, blocking their flight path. Gustang then forcibly Teleported Rachel and Ha Yura from the prison inside Cheonhee's warship into Po Bidau Family Floating Castle to retrieve the Stingray which carry the Zahard's Bracelet. Then the Unnamed Po Bidau continued to announce words from Gustang that the Po Bidau Family declared "war and hostility" towards the Zahard Empire.[2]


The males of Gustang’s family are selected to work in a research group called the Research Association. If they do not make it as members, they are eventually kicked out of the family.[3] Because it is a very powerful and exclusive group, the members enjoy high reputation and fame, matched only by the "Chosen children of Khun".[3]

Powers and Abilities

Not much known about the abilities of Po Bidau Family besides their great intellectuality with all researches about the Tower. Po Bidau Family members are most likely also proficient in the use of Shinsu, just like the Family Head Po Bidau Gustang who is a master in handling shinsu with great accuracy.

Known Members


Notes and Trivia

  • Enne was the child of Eurasia Blossom and Po Bidau Gustang. However, her surname was Eurasia and not Po Bidau.
  • After the Eurasia Enne Zahard incident, both the Po Bidau and Eurasia Families forbade marriages between their two Families and have been in a hostile relationship ever since.[4]

Alternate Translations

  • Poe Bidau Family (LINE Webtoon)



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