Pinnacle (피넛큘, Pineotkyul) is a Rank-C Regular, and the leader of the Green Revolution Crew.[1][2]

Appearance and Personality

He looks similar to Parakewl, except he looks more aged and rougher with a heavily scarred face.

Just like Parakewl, he seems very confident, cocky and very bossy as he commands Kong to enter the Hell Train to catch regulars. He is seems to be shrewd, he knows how to convince his subordinate. Pinnacle is also hungry to earn points with commander of Zahard's Army.[2]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

Pinnacle arrived at the Last Station, as one of the regulars employed by Zahard's Army. His crew, the Green Revolution Crew, was chosen to lead the attack against the regulars on the Hell Train.

Pinnacle enticed his subordinate Kong with million of sardines to boost his courage. When they approached the train, the door opened and Karaka stepped out of it and nearby Rankers attacked FUG's member. Even so, Pinnacle continued to order his subordinate Kong to remain, even when he was clearly outclassed.

During the ongoing battle, Sachi Faker used his vines to knock Pinnacle off the floating vehicle he was standing on. He is presumed to be dead from falling off from such heights.


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