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Phonsekal Laure (폰세칼 라우뢰, Ponsehkahl Raurweh; or "Poncekal Rauloi") is a Regular and a talented Wave Controller of the Eurasia Family. He loves to sleep and goes everywhere with blanket and his pillows. Despite his sloth, he is an exceptional Wave Controller, capable of firing powerful long-range blasts.

Appearance and Personality

Laure is a normal human-looking individual with dark green hair and green eyes. He tends to wear a blue jacket and a pair of grey pants.

Laure is extremely lazy and will take every single opportunity possible to sleep. He goes around covered in his blanket and is too lazy to even walk, instead using shinsu to float around.

What a touching scene

He loves his pillow, as from his reaction when Baam found it for him. He only cares somewhat about the tests but is willing to use his powers to help get through them, as long as he gets sleep afterwards.

Though it isn't noticeably obvious, Laure does hold some interest in Baam due to his remarkable display of talent during the Position Test. He also has at least some desire to seek challenges, despite his laziness; when Anak revealed the power of Green April during the Crown Game, he wanted to keep fighting her and had to be dragged away by his companions.

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Tower of God: Part 1

Laure in combat

Laure turned up on the Second Floor with all the other Regulars. He passed the first test and teamed up with Ho and Serena Rinnen. He got through the barrier easily enough and got tired of the Door Test and simply opened a random door, passing the test.

In the Crown Game, he appeared to be half asleep, but he had, in fact, made a plan with his team. At the opportune moment, he attacked the team on the Throne with his shinsu, easily blasting away Ship Leesoo and Hatsu. He managed to hit Anak with a blast and told her to hand over the Crown, but she decided to fight and ignited her Green April, destroying everything in the process. Laure was quite upset afterwards and wanted to have another go at the Crown, but his teammates dragged him back, saying he would be crazy to go up against something that strong.

Laure before helping Quant during Hide-and-Seek

He was assigned the Wave Controller position and seeded first. He did not seem to pay attention in classes, but when Baam found his lost pillow for him, he agreed to tutor him in the use of shinsu. He was then put on Team A for the Hide-and-Seek Test. He spent most of the time sleeping and holding up signs that tell people to shut up. However, when it seemed they had almost won, he and Khun talked to Quant, and Laure blasted Quant up to the exit to catch Anak before she could get out,

Getting his beloved pillow and blanket back

causing their team to lose (this was all part of Khun's master plan, as Laure was on his "friends" list). He later held up rude signs behind Leesoo's back while Leesoo lamented their team's loss, causing Leesoo to attempt kicking him.

He participated in the Submerged Fish Test with the others, in which he used his shinsu blasts to force the Dogs to attack the Worms (he found the energy to do this when Hong Chunhwa and Sunwoo Nare held his pillows hostage). He then went off to sleep, only to be interrupted by a pair of Rankers from Wolhaiksong.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Laure was glimpsed a couple of times in Part II, while travelling with Leesoo's team.[7][8]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

Laure helping to fight Beta

He reappeared on the 30th Floor for the Workshop Battle, slothful as ever (he was seen being carried around wrapped in his blanket like a backpack). He blasted shinsu through a wall during the attack on FUG's team to distract Yuto.

Laure was later summoned into the Development Tournament of the Workshop Battle. Rak took him to the Item Shop and proceeded to bite him, which forced him to wake up and notice Beta. Laure instantly saw the Medina hidden in Beta's head and used shinsu to irritate it and force it out of Beta's body. Afterwards, Laure reluctantly joined in the fight against Beta.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

He was seen strapped to Hatsu's back when Leesoo's team was seen.

Yuri Zahard

Laure was briefly seen complaining that he didn't like noise when Androssi noted the arrival of some interesting Regulars.

The 'Name Hunt' Station

He did not appear to do much during his team's activities at the Name Hunt station but complained of tiredness after the events had come to a close.

Powers and Abilities

[9]His style as a Wave Controller is conventional.[10]

Laure charging a shinsu blast

Deductive/Reasoning Skill: Though his cognitive ability hasn't been emphasised, Laure has displayed some proficiency in thinking ahead.

Expert Shinsu Control: Laure has been noted and has shown himself to be one of the greatest shinsu manipulators out of his peers and has a great ability when it comes to knowing and controlling shinsu;[10] out of all the Regulars seen, Laure has the best and most efficient shinsu management abilities.[11] With his abilities he has been able to achieve a variety of feats and effects and will manipulate shinsu as the situation calls for.[10] In Part II, he was able to easily disrupt a parasite inside another person's body at range.[12]

Laure's shield of shinsu

  • Reading Shinsu: As stated by Ren, he is the type to read shinsu in his sleep. He is capable to read the flow of shinsu inside people. By doing this he was able to notice the Medina inside Beta seeing how the shinsu flowed differently inside him.[12]
  • Flight/Levitation: Laure can levitate himself and others hundreds of meters off the ground using shinsu and also fly around at high speeds.[13][14]
  • Powerful Shinsu Waves: Laure can concentrate large amounts of shinsu into devastating waves which can be used for both attack and utility. The former is seen while fighting Anak and while making tunnels during the Submerged Fish Hunt Test.[15]
  • Eurasia Style: Shinsu Manipulation Technique: Cry of Piercing Water (유라시아류: 신수제어술: 천수곡 (穿水哭), Yoorahshia-lyu: Shinsu Jeeosul: Cheonsugog): It is apparently a Eurasia Family technique. He used it to slice one of Beta's Ignition Weapon's feet.[16]
  • Shield Generation: While fighting against Beta, Laure blocked his blasts with a large circular shield of shinsu.[16]

Notes and Trivia

  • Laure comes from a branch of the Eurasia Family, whose members love to sleep and are talented at controlling shinsu.[17]
  • Laure was inspired by SIU's sister who, like Laure, carried her blanket around and could not sleep without it.
  • His full name is most likely "Eurasia Phonsekal Laure".
  • Out of all Regulars we seen so far, Laure has the best shinsu management abilities.[18]
  • Laure is Regular who has a great ability when it comes to 'knowing and controlling' shinsu. Of course, because he's sleeping all the time, he doesn't make too much appearance. To compare to Viole through Viole's unmatched talent, he uses strong skills and methods to plough through the enemies, whereas Laure is a seasoned veteran who will manipulate shinsu as the situation calls for. To put in Position terms, to say Viole is a Fisherman and Laure is a traditional Wave Controller would be fitting.[19]


  • (Complaining about Serena Rinnen during Yu Han Sung's Door Test) "Argh... this ajumma is annoying... there isn't any clues, let's just open any door and leave."[20]
  • (To Hong Chunhwa and Sunwoo Nare, as they hold his pillow and blanket hostage) "Now, since it's over, please release those children."[21]
  • (After Sunwoo threatens to rip his pillow) "Apologies, my goddess."[21]
  • (To The Gang, as they talk loudly while he sleeps.) *Holds up sign labeled* "Shut up and Let Me Sleep."

Alternative Translations

  • Phonsekal Lauroe (LINE Webtoon)



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