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Phonsekal Irure[1] (폰세칼 이루뢰, "Ponsecal Ilure"), is a Regular from the Eurasia Family. Her Position is Wave Controller. When she first introduced, she uses an alias name Cherry La (라 체리, La Cheli; "La Cherry") during the Crazy Yellow Ball Game in Train City.[2]

After Train City, together with Bero Bero, Irure has decided to follow Twenty-Fifth Baam because she believed that Baam is a person who will be "the key to open the door to her dreams".[3] This might have something to do with the "dream decision" that her uncle Phonsekal Yurure mentioned before.[4] However, after the Battle of The Last Station ended, she was last seen sleeping together with Phonsekal Drak, leaving the Last Station and Team Baam. The reason of her farewell is unknown.[5]

Appearance and Personality

Irure is a pink-themed person that seems to float on a pink pillow. She has pink hair, pink eyes, wearing pink pajamas, and always carrying her pink pillow by sleeping on top of it.

Irure seems to be able to quickly assess the strength of potential opponents, judging by their remarks when encountering unfamiliar people on the Hell Train. Cherry displays some sense of humour by assuming Rak's nickname for her comrade Bero Bero, "Fatso Turtle".

She despises her uncle, Phonsekal Yurure.[3]


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hell Train: Revolution Road

Cherry La was seen with the rest of the team but didn't seem outwardly interested in what was going on down below on the field of play. Later on, with Team Bero in the final round, Cherry fought alongside Bero Bero and helped the team to victory all whilst seemingly being asleep.

The Hell Train: Wooden Horse

Cherry and their teammates were at the Wooden Horse station when the Hell Train arrived and also watched as a strange white person decimated a multitude of D-rank Regulars.

Later, 10 minutes before the train departed, Cherry and the team rushed towards the train in an attempt to board. However lightning began to rain down from somewhere before another set of Regulars arrived. At that, the Regulars began brawling on the stairs into the train but were interrupted when everyone at the station was teleported into the Hell Train. While Bero Bero tried to ascertain what had happened, Cherry informed her that someone strong was coming.

The Hell Train: A Month

Encountering Angel and Buelsar Elliot, Rak and the rest of the team began fighting with the two. Cherry then sensed another two strong people arriving and one of the strong ones told them all to stop fighting. Vicente then threatened their aggressors until Hoaqin arrived. The two whiteys chattered until Hoaqin's side began attacking. Bero Bero didn't know which side to fight with until the Mad Dog killed Tochi, with Cherry agreeing with her decision. Ja Wangnan then sealed Vicente and they all fled before Hoaqin and his allies could reach them.

A few days later, Cherry was present when Vicente struck a deal with Wangnan. Later still, Vicente helped them pass the various stages inside the train. Cherry was present when Daniel offered a deal to Vicente.

A month since entering the train, Cherry La and the rest of their group then arrived at the 4th stage in time for the game to begin.

The Hell Train: The Dallar Show

Cherry was present and watched the first round of the Dallar Show game that took place.

The Hell Train: Yuri Zahard

To be added.

The Hell Train: The 'Name Hunt' Station

To be added.

The Hell Train: Wangnan

To be added.

The Hell Train: The Floor of Death

She is present in the background throughout the Floor of Death. She later slows down and stops the spread of the poison in Rachel's body by slowing down Rachel's metabolism and putting her in an induced coma, a skill that is passed down in her family.

The Hell Train: New Power

She is asked by Bero Bero about her experience on the Floor of Death and leaves the room, claiming she wants to go to sleep again. While in the hallway, she texts to an unknown person that she will "deal with it as soon as she finds the item". She later appears with the rest of the group to enter the Hidden Floor.

The Hell Train: Training

In the Hidden Floor, her uncle was generated as her sworn enemy. He speculated that Irure is conflicted about their 'dream decision', but that was not the case.[4] The girl explained that, albeit despising him, she is walking the path he wanted for her. She found Twenty-Fifth Baam, who might be the key to open the door to her dreams.[3]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

Irure is captured with the rest of Group A in the last station but instead goes to Phonsekal Drak's lighthouse.

The Last Station: Kallavan

Because she is in Drak's lighthouse, she is not initially rescued with the rest of Group A. She is later rescued by Death Bird.[6]

Powers and Abilities

Irure can assumed to be relatively powerful, because together with Bero Bero, both of them are D-rank Regulars who participated in the tournament. She seems to be able to produce large plumes of fire-like Shinsu that erupts from the ground.[7] Irure also possesses good Shinsu reading abilities as they were able to sense the presence and strengths of various people that were soon to enter their vicinity.[8] 

Furthermore, she is able to quickly recognize the weak points of an enemy and can utilize Shinsu in a trapping manner by wrapping the opponent into a red sphere.[9]

She is able to use a skill (passed down into her family) which puts people into a kind of induced coma and slows down their metabolism, for example helping to reduce to speed of poison spreading through ones body. She used this to slow down and stop the half poison in Rachel's body which caused by Grand De Lee's Little Bee observer attack.[10]

In the Hidden Floor, Irure finally show what she is truly capable of. She finally get the chance to show her hidden powers after all the time doing almost nothing, but sleep. Because she despised her uncle who appear as her sworn enemy, she really unleashed all her hidden powers and not trying hold back. She destroyed the surrounding rocks and grounds within the range of her wind attack very fiercely. It's almost like a tornado natural disaster. She completely made her uncle unable to get back up again before finishing him with last powerful attack. Bero Bero was completely stunned by her action, after seeing that her "lazy friend" turned out to be so powerful when she got serious. Androssi Zahard even was suprised by her sudden show of force, and asking "has she always been that strong?".[3]

  • Strong Gale: Irure emits a strong blast of wind which she can control similarly to a whirlwind. [11]
    • High Gale: High Gale is a reinforced version of Strong gale.[12]

Notes and Trivia

  • Under the name Cherry La she was often speculated as a member of Eurasia Family due to her sleeping habits like Phonsekal Laure. This was later proven true with the reveal of her real name, "Phonsekal Irure".[1]
  • In Season 2 - Chapter 260, Irure sent a text message to her "Family Head" about finding "the stuff". It is unknown what kind of stuff that Irure was looking for.[13]
  • Irure is still left with some unsolved conflicts.[14]

Alternate Translations

  • Ponsecal Iruroe (LINE Webtoon)[1]




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