Phonsekal Drak(폰 세칼 드랙, Phonsekal Drach) is an Top Ranker from the Eurasia Family. He is a Company Commander of Kallavan's 4th army corp of Zahard's Army.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Phonsekal Drak has fair skin and green medium length hair. He is seen wearing a blue headband with red stripes and a white jacket with blue collar and red strips as well.

Drak seems to have a lazy personality which was evident when he was first introduced sleeping on the job.[1] Later he was late for the battle thinking the Hell Train was stopped by Dorian Frog.[2]

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

Phonsekal Drak and Kallavan's 4th army corp of Zahard's Army has arrived at the Last Station located on the 44th Floor waiting for the Hell Train to arrive. Drak overslept, which made Dorian Frog go out to battle in his stead. He later arrives at the battle to intercept Boro's team and sends them to prison excluding Phonsekal Irure because she is a family member.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Being called an Top Ranker, which is the top 10% of Rankers, Drak is assumed to be very strong.


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