Paul Belkrohn (폴 벨크론) is a Regular that participated in the Workshop Battle that took place within the Archimedes. Despite working for a FUG agent, he doubted the ability of Jyu Viole Grace, saying his accomplishments were just rumours without any proof to back them up.

Appearance and Personality

Paul is a tall man with grey skin, black eyes with red pupils, a nose ring through his left nostril and a tattoo on the left side of the face. He doesn't have hair on the sides of his head but instead has two small horns that give him the appearance of a demon.

He is a fairly arrogant and confident man, doubting someone as powerful as Viole due to his rumours.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

Battle x Gamble

He was seen very briefly with Macha commenting that all Jyu Viole Grace's achievements were just rumours, as the latter entered alongside the rest of his team.


After being paid by Miya to kill the members of Team Tangsooyook, Paul, Macha and another Regular joined her team. During a break in the Development Tournament, they were overhead bad-mouthing Viole by Wangnan, Akraptor and Rak. When the second part of the tournament began, he and Macha faced off with Yihwa and Rak. He was able to eat Yihwa's flames, nullifying her offensive capabilities, but was eventually defeated when Rak forcefully choked him to prevent him from eating the flames and enabling Yihwa to scorch him.

Powers and Abilities

Paul eating Yihwa Flame

Paul eating Yihwa's Flame

As a descendant of the Gueta race he is capable if consuming any type of fire, no matter how hot it is.[1] He also has some degree of heat resistance, although evidently not enough to withstand Yihwa's fire. Belkrohn is also shown to be fairly capable in close-quarters combat, working effectively with his teammate against Rak.


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