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The Outside God is a being located outside the tower who revived Arlen Grace's dead child following its death at the hands of Zahard.[1]


Long ago, and shortly after the death of V, Arlen Grace wandered the vast tower alone with her dead child hoping to find a way outside the tower. Arlen wandered around the tower for a very long time and one day, she has finally found a way out the tower. But as she was leaving the tower, she couldn't forget the death of her beloved child. So she offered the body of her child to the God of the Outside and said:

Someday that God's power will enter this dead child's body and awaken him again. That child will open the door to this tower and return someday. He shall achieve vengeance for my love and finish the war which we started with his own hands. He shall destroy corrupt power and bring truth to the Tower. God's Messenger shall place the red thorn in that child's hands and that child shall use the Red Thorn to cut the throat of the greedy king and he shall find the Hidden Key, open the door and lead everyone on the Tower to greater heights.

—Arlen's Diary


The Outside God is one of the most mysterious beings in the series and is responsible for the great change that is about to happen to the Tower by reviving Arlen's child and giving him mysterious powers.

It is unknown what the Outside God actually did to the body of Arlen's child, but it is stated by Rachel, Baam is a person that is unknown to anyone except for her, and is actually a 'monster' who'll curse the tower and devour everything. According to Rachel, Arlen herself called Baam a monster[2].

Notes and Trivia

  • Because the Outside God is a being above Enryu, he may be an Axis as he is able to change the fate of the Tower by resurrecting Arlen's child to accomplish Arlen's wish. Since Axis's have a unique power which cannot be denied or negated, as evidence, Zahard and the 10 Great Family Heads tried everything they could to erase all records of Arlen and Baam. Even structures and records concerning Arlen, and records and memories of artificial life stored in The Workshop were fabricated. But in the end, the Tower's destiny has not changed.[1]



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