Evankhell's Rare Orb: Inferno (에반켈의 레어 오브 인페르노, Ebankel-ui Leeo Obeu Inpeleuno) is Evankhell's technique, that creates an Orb filled with flames. To create it, all shinsoo in the area is absorbed. Even shinsoo baangs of other Rankers. Then the Orb is radiating immense heat, which can melt hulls of Warships or even Rankers, like Weye. But High Rankers, like Elpathion or Ari Bright Sharon, can resist it.[1]

Notes and Trivia


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Ari Style
Demonic Fish Wheel Dance
Ha Jinsung Style
Zahard Style
Twenty Fifth Night Style
Ha Jinsung Style
Twenty Fifth Night Style
Khun Eduan Style
Twenty Fifth Night Style
Body Reinforcements
Orb - Inferno
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