Orange Snake (오렌지 스네이크, Olenji Seuneikeu) is a unique Needle that belongs to Ranker Charlie. It is a Transforming Needle type, which means it has several forms that it change between, where Orange Snake has two forms. In its first form it is in clear shape, while in the other form the blade above handle turns into orange plasma state. While in the plasma state it can move quickly in zig-zag pattern to attack the target.[1]

Before Charlie managed to kill Baam with Orange Snake Needle, Yuri saved Baam by teleporting the Black March with her Shinsu Bubble, allowing the Black March to block the attack of the orange snake needle.

Appearance and Design

The Orange Snake Needle appear to have different shape than average normal Needle. The hilt or the handle stays the same, but the blade edge part can turn into shinsu to attack the enemy from long distance.

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