The Opera in Repellista's room

Opera (오페라, Ohpehra) is the name of the Lighthouse made by the original Light Bearer, Tu Perie Tperie.


Operas are distinctive Lighthouses developed by Tu Perie Tperie. But because it requires the highest purity Suspendium and many extremely rare materials, only three were made, and it is unlikely that any more will be made.[1]


In theory, the Opera extends the user’s shinsu field to infinity (beyond all reason and boundaries), making it the ultimate dream of all Light Bearers.[1] It also contains defensive measures that put even Armour Inventories to shame.[1] Through the shinsu controlled interlocking Lighthouses, it carries no weak spots.

Because the man who developed the system where "the Light Bearer acts as the center of all other Positions" also created an item that turns "the Light Bearer into a one-man-show", many complain that while the Opera Lighthouse is the ultimate evolution of the Lighthouse, it at the same time is an item that makes the basic purpose of the Light Bearer moot.[1] Of course, these are the complaints of those who cannot comprehend the powers of those above. (Translator's note: SIU wasn't clear, it's basically saying that the man who created the Light Bearer Position also made an item that made the Light Bearer Position basically unnecessary.)

Also, the communication function of the Opera and any other device connected to it cannot be stopped or jammed by other devices such as the Hell Train.


Of the three existing Operas, one is in the hands of Tu Perie Tperie (although Tperie does not use it, and using the Eyes of God instead ), one is in the hands of Lord Flux, and one is in the hands of Princess Jaina Repellista Zahard.[1]

Should an Opera ever appeared on the market, there are talks that the price will be immeasurable, but looking at the current wielders, it’s unlikely that it will appear on the market.[1]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Dallar Show

During the events of the Dallar Show, Yuri realized Pedro had abused his authority as Train Conductor. By using special 3D glasses linked into an Opera, Yuri and Evan's recorded and processed evidence of his crime to the Tower's authorities via Repellista Zahard's Opera.[2]

Notes and Trivia

  • Apparently, the Opera can be controlled with a mouse.[3]
  • Urek Mazino claims that the Opera can stop him for only .001 seconds due to his incredible shinsu resistance.



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