One Shot, One Opportunity Game

One Shot, One Opportunity Game is a game that takes place in the Sephia Island on the 30th Floor of the Tower. In order to limit the number of Regulars who intended to participate in The Workshop Battle on board the Floating Castle Archimedes, the staffs decided to held a small fighting game.[1] All Regulars must fight over 248 available tickets. Regulars who failed to get ticket will not be able to participate in the 30F Workshop Battle.


If any non-participant is shot or harmed, the participant who shot/harmed that person will be disqualified.

Dark Bullet

  1. Every Regular will be given 1 revolver (gun weapon) and 1 bullet in the beginning of the game. With this bullet, they may "shoot" another Regular to get a ticket and they will instantly be teleported on board the Archimedes, passing this game. This bullet is known as the Dark Bullet and the revolver was also set by default in Dark Mode.
  2. If a person is shot by someone with the Dark Bullet, they are disqualified.
  3. People can also steal bullets from other individuals. Anyone who has their bullet stolen is automatically disqualified.
  4. A maximum of six bullets can be stored in the revolver.
  5. Regardless of how many bullets a person has, if a person misses a shot with a Dark bullet, they are disqualified. However, this is not the case with Light bullets.

Light Bullet

If a bullet is stolen, then the person who stole can switch their revolver gun mode to Light Mode. Whoever is shot by the Light Bullet will automatically get a ticket and will instantly be teleported to the Archimedes. In other words, people can steal bullets and shoot their own teammates who already disqualified so that they can get a ticket and pass.

Bonus Items Rewards

Blood Tamara and White Heavenly Mirror

  1. The first person to shoot someone with the Dark Bullet will be given the reward Blood Tamara. (Winner: Varagarv)
  2. The person who shoots the most people with the Light Bullet will be given the reward White Heavenly Mirror. (Winner: Khun Aguero Agnis)
  3. Anyone who is able to shoot the wandering Bong Bong will get a "special item" as well as a ticket. (Winner: Androssi Zahard)


There are four notable teams that participated in the game.

Team Ship

S2ship's team.jpg

The team lead by Ship Leesoo consisted of Androssi Zahard, Anak Zahard, Hatsu, Aleksai Amigochaz, Vespa, Phonsekal Laure and Verdi. They participated solely to hunt down Team FUG and wants to capture Jyu Viole Grace.

Khun's Team

Khun's team consisted of Khun Aguero Agnis, Ja Wangnan, Yeo Miseng, Yeo Goseng, Hon Akraptor and Prince.

Team Chang

Team Chang consisted of Chang Blarode and Quaetro Blitz.

Team FUG


Team FUG consisted of Jyu Viole Grace, Reflejo, Xia Xia, Yuto, Beniamino Cassano, Kang Horyang, Novick and Khun Ran. They defended against Team Ship's attack.


Notes and Trivia

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