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Octo-Crab (name unknown) is an octopus-like Shinheuh controlled by Lo Po Bia Lefav. She owns at least two of the creature and used them to protect her from the enemies during the Battle of The Nest.[1]


As the name suggests, Octo-Crab appears like a big-sized octopus-crab hybrid. The octopus traits of the Shinheuh are shown by the 8 limbs that are directly connected to its big, balloon-like head. However, unlike regular octopus, Octo-Crab's body is protected by a thick exoskeleton with visible openings in the joints, and the tips of each limb are sharp like a hook. These features make the creature similar to a crab as well. The Shinheuh has big eyes and three pairs of tentacles (three on the right, and three on the left) below the eyes that appear to function as a mouth.

Tower of God: Part 3

VS. Kallavan

During the Battle of The Nest, Lefav sniped the enemies from a dummy debris which was designed to act as a fishbowl for the crabs. If the dummy were under attack, the Octo-Crabs would be sent out to protect Lefav from the attack. Using this mechanism, the Shinheuhs were able to save her from Evankhell's fatal attack.[1]

Power and Abilities

Not much is known about the Shinheuh's power; however, how Lefav trusted the creatures to defend her during the war and the fact that they managed to protect her from Evankhell's attack implies that the Shinheuh is useful and powerful enough in protecting its master.



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