Leesoo's initial basic Observer

An Observer (옵저버, objeobeo) is a special device used by Scouts. Their main use is to collect visual data and pass the information on to both the Scout[1] themselves and also to allied Light Bearers, who in turn analyse these data and coordinate their own team accordingly.

Usually, a Scout can control several Observers at once so they can serve as extra fields of vision capable of detecting a certain range.

Like other devices, such as Pockets and Arms Inventories, Observes can be personalized to suit the Scout. Observers are subject to Ranking and Grading, with the D0-rank White-X being an example;[2] it was also shown that the functions of higher ranking Observers work completely on Observers and Lighthouses of lower ranking.[2] It is unknown if an Observer's visual range and ability to discern and process data would increase with its Ranking. Basic Observers has round shape like Pockets, but the shape of advanced Observers are varies.


  • Illumination of the darkness.[3][4]
  • Projecting holograms.[5][6][7]
  • Hiding one's presence (White-X).[2]
  • Assisting two Lighthouses in performing the technique "flow control".[citation needed]
  • Can transport a person.
  • Reflection

Ancient Observers

Observers were not always used only for reconnaissance. In ancient Tower history, when the war was at its peak and there was no protection from families or guilds, Scouts needed all the fighting power they could get.[8] As such, ancient Observers were more battle oriented. One such Observer is "Purple Dementor".

Known Observers

Notes and Trivia

  • As an "Observer", basic units have the appearance of an eye-ball.




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